beijing 2022 winter olympics

Debacle on ice: The strange journey of China's Olympic hockey team

By Dan Martin and Michael Zhang

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Man I was so looking forward to team Canada with NHLers taking on the chinese. With the jailing and torture of the 2 Michaels fresh in their minds a "blowout" doesn't begin to describe the score or the carnage that could have been.

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Undisclosed citizenship arrangements??????

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I would be very cautious of counting the Chinese teams out. When they first debuted in figure skating they were laughed out of the competition, and now they are one of the most dominant forces in the world. Especially when it comes to pair skating.

They may not be there yet, but if there is the drive to excel I don't doubt they will. They certainly have no lack of talent to draw from.

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Clearly, clearly, you are not someone who has played ice hockey. China doesn't even have a youth sports league in hockey...yet 'look at what they've done in pair skating'. They are two totally different sports. One is a team sport that requires a full 25 man roster, the other is a sport that requires two people who can train 7 days a week and not have to worry too much about injuries (meaning that depth is not usually a concern). China typically does horribly at men's team sports (see: basketball, soccer or 'football') in an international setting. China has been doing the basketball thing for quite some time (see: Yao Ming and the Chinese Basketball Association has been around for 27 years) and they cannot even beat Greece (or Canada) in Olympic qualifiers.

Your admiration for all things Chinese is quite honorable....and consistent.

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Nah I fully am aware that they are very different sports and that China isn't there yet, you are entirely correct Murata. I mostly used ice skating as an example because of the way they went from abysmal to one of the world leaders once they set their sights on it, both being ice-sports was coincidental.

I don't think they are going to come out winning gold medals, yet at least, but they are a dangerous country to underestimate.

I actually don't love China as much as people here think I do, but when every other article is an obvious hitjob (not this one). I kind of feel the need to go to bat for them at lot of times. Just because I am a ML-Communist doesn't mean I agree with everything they do.

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Communists can't play hockey. Everyone knows that.

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So glad the NHL is not joining. Give the college kids a chance.

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Predicting a clean sweep of medals in hockey, China, North Korea, and China again ( through a glitch in the accounting system). East German bobsledder and China hockey players .....the new world order

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