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beijing 2022 winter olympics

Do not help crashed Olympics vehicles, Beijing police warn


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Even if the vehicle is on fire?

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Life in China is cheap.

OTOH, I'd think that any Olympians would be in shuttle buses, not personal vehicles.

It isn't like foreigners are allowed to stay at just any hotel in China. They are worse than Japan - only govt approved hotels are allowed to host foreigners.

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Keeping it classy, China! So just watch/let someone die while you wait/hope for an ambulance to arrive.

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theFuToday  09:12 am JST

OTOH, I'd think that any Olympians would be in shuttle buses, not personal vehicles.

Article doesn't mention personal vehicles, buses are vehicles too.

"In case of traffic accidents with special vehicles for the Winter Olympics, please pay attention to maintaining a safe distance," Beijing's Traffic Management Bureau said in a post on the Twitter-like Weibo. "Do not make contact with vehicles or personnel in them and wait for professionals to arrive at the scene."

The system includes dedicated transport between venues, ...........

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I get the added warning as a precaution, but how different is this from normal procedures?

If I see a crashed car, I am not going to try to pull somebody out of the wreckage myself and risk injuring somebody more. You call the ambulance and wait for them to do their job. Moving somebody injured in a car crash is extremely dangerous, and shouldn't be done regardless of a pandemic unless you are qualified.

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Make sure to tell them that as they're reaching for your help and screaming while you stand by waiting for the ambulance for their safety.

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It's a TRAP!!!!!

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I shouldn't need to explain this, but unless someone is in immediate danger of dying (like they are literally on fire) don't move them. You could exacerbate the injury if not outright kill them yourself. Call emergency services, and wait for actual responders to arrive. People without medical training playing hero can cause far more problems than they help. It doesn't matter if somebody is in agony and begging for you to help them, don't move injured people.

In the event that the situation calls for absolutely immediate assistance, the emergency personnel on the phone will instruct you what to do and walk you through it. Laws passed in China explicitly allow for this and absolve the care provider of liability should something go wrong. Same thing would probably apply here, you'd just have to submit to quarantine afterwards.

Again, this seems like just warning people to do what was already the procedure, just a reminder more than anything else.

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There are cases where you should not move others, but people are calling you out for your comment where you stated it as the norm to not help others as you’d cause more damage.

Thats also false! In training you that you should assess the situation and then call for help, and then see if you can assist without making it worse.

I am able to make that judgement call, without some sily rigid predisposed mindset telling me what to do.

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Foreigners in China were always in a bubble anyway, this is a bubble within a bubble and I would say that is very convenient for the ccp.

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thousands of staff, volunteers, cleaners, cooks and coach drivers will be cocooned for weeks with no access to the outside world.

Sounds like a barrel of fun Olympics.

Plus. why a three week quarantine? Isn't two weeks more than enough?

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I’m pretty sure the ccp rigged vehicles to self destruct if any problem arises.

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But the question here is, what strange and extremely dangerous cars are they planning to use, if they already warn even beforehand of crashes at a dimension that demands help?

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My God, look at what we have become. Totalitarianism fueled panic at it's peak or maybe not it's peak yet. Let's see how far they want to take this hysteria. Regarding the Olympics, why bother watching an event on TV with caged athletes and no spectators.

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Disregard for human life in a pandemic,under a draconian regime in order for there to be a ….sports meeting?

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why bother watching an event on TV with caged athletes and no spectators.

People watch fish in tanks for hours. How is that different?

OTOH, there will be some "action" on all the games, unlike my fish tank races. Gotta make things more interesting and 500¥ does that.

Why do people watch ballet on TV? Because it shows human athletes doing something elegant and beautiful. It is very similar to ice skating short and free programs in the Olympics.

Speed skating is sorta like race car driving. Not really something interest to me, but I completely understand how others might love it. Similar to the European bike races.

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