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IOC chief rebukes Beijing Olympics organizers for political statements


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Before the start of these Olympics, China complained that the diplomatic boycott was political, and that politics had no place in the Olympics. Now China BOCOG is making political statements in an Olympic press conference. Does China not understand the concept of hypocrite?

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This entire failure of an olympics has been one giant political statement by the Communist party. Good luck stopping that Bach.

The IOC created a monster by awarding it to totalitarian police state China., so the blame falls on them.

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"These issues are irrelevant to the Winter Games but I still feel obliged to make a quick comment again," said BOCOG spokeswoman Yan Jiarong on Thursday, after foreign reporters twice asked about Xinjiang.

These foreign reporters are the ones who mix sports and politics

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After this (expected) mess. China, whilst under the CCP, should never be allowed to host another Olympics ever again!

But we all know that sadly money talks and that the IOC will always prioritise money over morals.

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This was only in response to the lies directed at China. I'm still waiting for real evidence for this so-called human rights abuses because every 'evidence' I've seen has been debunked. People just don't want to watch the videos explaining the holes in the stories. The right-wing are inherently racist and the left is so woke they believe every single minority in the world is being abused. And they both want to keep white men at the top of the hierarchy. I'm more interested in real genocide, like what's happening in Palestine, Yemen, etc. Plenty of human rights abuses from America. LA doesn't deserve the games.

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