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Suspended North Korea says U.S. boycott of Beijing 'insult' to Olympic spirit


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Despite being barred, the letter painted the nation's absence as the result of the pandemic and "hostile forces".

"hostile forces"? China would have rolled out the red carpet.

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insult to Olympic spirit

That is coming from North korea. Sometimes i do wonder if they don't feel any shame for spouting such hypocritical words.

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considering Bach is in charge of the IOC it seems that any democratic ideologies would be an insult to the Olympic spirit.

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And North Korea is right..

An insult that can be translated as the tantrum from some who is losing its privileges and affluent place in the world..

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Probably don't have any world class competitors anyway.

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Extremely fickle perspectives and definitely, not to be trusted: If North Korea threatens JAPAN and ‘the West’, it’s wrong.  If Korea supports China making money with the IOC, it’s right. - O*K***ay,… got it!**

@TokyoLiving 9:22am: “And North Korea is right..” …translated as the tantrum from some who is losing its privileges and place in the world..” -
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Just as Olympics-suspended North Korea hypocritically condemns the West’s diplomatic boycott, this same user hypocritically condemned North Korea just 3 days ago and ridiculed North Korea’s leader as a ‘rocket boy throwing a tantrum’:

Jan 5, 2022:

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That's a lot of red.

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That's a lot of red.

But the diff is they look not so plastic as South

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Haha, North Korea says it's skipping the Beijing Olympics due to Covid............... except they're banned by the IOC already, lol

And this is rich from North Korea when they boycotted the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, and they didn't send athletes in 5 of the last 13 Winter Olympics

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I love the three styles of issued sun glasses

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How can you not insult a corrupt organisation as the IOC? Messrs Bach & Coe continue to appease any country who is prepared to overflow their coffers.

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Like NK's childish opinions ever actually matter. Why give them any media coverage at all?

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What do NK's respected leader and his henchmen know about the Olympic Spirit? These are the same people who let their own people starve on the streets, and who murder at will.

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Lol what did little Kim Say!

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