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Olympic 'curse' strikes again as Beijing costs mount

By Sébastien RICCI

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Greed will be China biggest down fall!! If they are so much worried about image why don't they take into consideration the deforestation that is causing yellow sand storms, the manufacturing of good where 80% of the underground water is tainted because of lack of environmental control where manufactures send chemicals and waste products into the rivers. ALL IN THE NAME OF IMAGE!! This is one of the reason the citizens don't drink the water, or buy the food and those that can afford to leave move out of the country!

Ultimately, he said, China -- the world's second-largest economy -- probably won't worry too much about the money.

"They don't look at how much it will cost," he said. "They will look at the image of the country."

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Rotate the Olympic Games at 3 -4 locations across the globe that already have the facilities in place.

It’s sports and fellowship between athletes. Leave politics out of it.

When it’s your turn to host again, it’s your turn and no one gets to complain.

If they choose not to participate in your location, move on with your ‘scheduled’ events.

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So, end the real “curse” and reign of IOC profiteers exploiting host countries and proceeding ‘at any costs’.

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The Beijing Olympics has spurred the construction of HSR and also an opportunity to test out the latest tech innovations as well as other things. I'm just wondering what exactly did the Tokyo Olympics bring, apart from the construction of dorms-cum-apartments which has caused the buyers a big headache. Wasn't the Tokyo Olympics supposed to bring about better rail links with Haneda and central or eastern Tokyo, if I remember? Well, that's been swept under the rug.

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I would also make a last minute decision to postpone the Olympics until next year. Generally the Olympics are dead because of ballooning costs and little infrastructure investment that actually serves to help the sports or the general public.

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Don't watch it don't reward it

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Olympic 'curse' strikes again as Beijing costs mount:

No curse.

Beijing has reserved enough cash to overcome any shortcomings that may arise.

Never underestimate Chinese capability..

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I agree @PengShuai, they should postpone the Olympics until next year, Fair is fair.

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No problem for Big Mother China..

Games will be successful and bring the country closer to the top of the world..

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When will society wake up the environmental & economic costs for the 2-week party for the select few?

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