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Putin backs China over 'politicization' of Beijing Olympics


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I consider the main goal of these competitions to attract as many citizens as possible to sport and the strengthening of friendship between peoples.

Not if one can't freely say what they think without fear of prosecution!

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But isn't Russia banned 2 more years from all International sports? Putin shouldn't be at the Olympics, unless he bought a ticket and legally entered China.

We support the traditional Olympic values, above all, equality and fairness.

As long as our athletes are allow to dope ... he left that part off.

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Where is Peng Shuai?!

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Is this the same person whose govt. sanctioned wide ranging performance enhancing drugs and then tampered with the official testing. Hypocrite.

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Where is Peng Shuai?!

In her condo in Beijing?

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PengShuai clearly stated that she had been sexually assaulted by a senior top-ranking Communist party official, whom she named.

Following her suspicious disappearance, she then publicly declared that none of this happened.

So, which is it ? This matter should be cleared up honestly and unequivocally before their Games begin, otherwise all of the teams of athletes, the sponsors, and any supporters should simply make preparations to withdraw totally from any involvement with such deceitful behaviour.

Time to teach China a very big lesson, whilst the eyes of the world are all watching.

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Putin will soon be reaping what he sowed, by writing a check, his butt will not be able to cash

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I am not a particular fan of Putin and I am actively opposed to the Olympics, but he is pretty much right in this case. Especially in regards to demonstrative boycotts.

If anything, all these anti-China boycotts take away from the real issue: that the olympics themselves are inherently corrupt. Instead everything is being painted by anti-China propaganda first and foremost.


What would you have her do?

Literally anything she says that goes against the anti-China narrative will be disregarded. I have even seen people claim they wouldn't believe her if she made the statement publicly from another country.

People don't care about her, they just want a propaganda piece to use against China. I bet a good percent of the people screaming "where is peng shuai" don't even know why there was a case to begin wtih.

Leave the poor woman alone, she has asked for her privacy to be respected, do so. Stop using her as a political pawn.

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