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Slovenia's historic ski jump gold overshadowed by skisuit disqualifications


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Yeah, how on earth cant suits be checked BEFORE any jumps are made...........I guess that just makes too much sense......

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How about measuring the suits an hour BEFORE the jump, not shortly after? The German lady had to stand for 20 mins in her undergarments while her suit being under the scrutiny of the (male) Finnish inspector who had been never appointed to inspect ladies's suits before.

Seems kinda dodgy to me.

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To remove any issues about clothing, just make them jump naked.

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nonu6976Today  07:11 am JST

If the suit it loose fitting it allows more surface area meaning they can go further.

If this was alright the day before then somebody is playing games (no pun intended) or is just being slack. Somebody needs to talk with these judges about this!

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Thomas GoodtimeToday  08:14 am JST

Japanese disqualified for breaking the rules! I've never seen such a thing!!

A few months back, Takanashi was disqualified for the same reason.

But this time, this is 4 teams in the same event, after already jumping. A scandal

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Wouldn't a loose-fitting suit cause more wind resistance, and a tight suit less, allowing higher speeds and longer distances?

Or, do they think a slightly loose suit will give the skiers the ability to glide through the air like flying squirrels or those thrill-seeker idiots in their wingsuits?

Whatever the reasoning, there needs to be a quantifiable, measurable standard, so the athletes can easily conform to it. What happened yesterday is an embarrassment to the organization, not the athletes.

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These things should never happen. All equipment and suits should be inspected right before competition. If any, disqualify the judges for this!

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Yesterday, for the short track events, three races in the 1000m men saw disqualification only to advantage the locals who got the gold. A scandal

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Rules need to be consistent and understandable to be fair. It was very unfair to these jumpers if the rules were not clear. On the other hand, congrats to Slovenia. One of the best ski and sports destinations in Europe.

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If the suit it loose fitting it allows more surface area meaning they can go further.

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If a jump suit was acceptable yesterday but not today is weird beyond words!!!

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Five jumpers were disqualified for wearing loose-fitting suits

what does that even mean... a jump is a jump, same with swimming, unless they are using some kind motorized propeller or wings, anything should be valid.

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