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Snowboarders say judging an issue at Olympic big air, too


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with the technology of Hawkeye in tennis and cricket and VAR in football, why the Olympics don't have similar tech so the judges can manipulate the footage in Matrix-like bullet time shots is beyond me. They could score it live, then quickly scan the parts they wanna see and see if their initial scoring was accurate.....

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I definitely agree with these snowboarders. My wife and I were furious with the judges. Many of the snowboarders did a great job, and only to have this let down happen to them. You guys did great and gave power to your sport. We hope to see you next time. Congratulations to you all!

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There will always be cheating in sports that are scored by humans, athletes from

less recognized or influential countries will always be cheated and it will pass without

anyone talking about it but when one athletes from an influential country is cheated

on, the whole world will know. In the Tokyo Olympics in the women's individual rhythmic gymnastics

all round event Dina Averina of ROC was robbed of the gold medal and Linoy Ashram of Israel being

the beneficiary. The cheating was so blatant yet nobody talked about it.

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Outwardly appearing subjective sports have to clean up their own act.

Judging in diving was becoming a joke as the 'eastern block' countries were clearly giving scores based on politics, not actual skill. The diving world took steps, instituted training, classes, comparisons and rankings for how "consistent" each judge actually is as compared with all other judges. Every dive they judge goes into a database. Bad, inconsistent, judges get pushed out and aren't allow at international competitions. Plus, in diving judges don't get replays, ever. Replays are held until all the scores have been registered. Judges cannot talk nor see each other's score. They also removed the country that the judge represents, though it isn't hard to figure out, since they are each introduced before competitions. That slight degree of separation helps.

In lesser, local, competitions, sometimes judges are bad. There just aren't that many qualified judges that can be at each competition. As a sport becomes more and more popular and there are more coaches and retired athletes, then the judging pools naturally become larger. It is a self-correcting issue, provided that statistics are used early enough.

All subjective-like sports need something similar. I still worry about favoritism in other sports, like figure skating, artistic dance, synchronized swimming, and I suppose for the artistic snowboarding sports too.

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