Beijing Winter Games organizers admit 'great pressure' over COVID


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Beijing Winter Olympics organizers said Monday they face "great pressure" because of COVID-19

And that's there only worry?

Think they haven't been paying too much attention to opinion surveys about China's global reputation lately?

Not very much time left until February, right? But there a couple of steps that the Party could perhaps take - without too much pain, cost, or deep seeded guilt and self-loathing - that would help their foreign affairs image! Right away!

Well . . . See, now . . . So, perhaps, maybe . . . Nahh, can't do it! Why bother!

When you are so busy playing the victim (most everything said about them is "utter western lies and fabrications,") there's not a lot of time or space left for the self-realization that you are the bully.

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Skeptical. Excellent

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I enjoy doing winter sports, not so much into watching them.

Gotta wonder how many Aussies will escape the the "bubble" for a little fun?

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It would be beneficial if the Chinese were more open and honest about the current Covid-19 situation there. They've been lying since the beginning and they aren't exactly easing tensions with any of their neighbors. It used to be that a country/city would want to host the Olympics to showcase itself to the world, that it was open for business and the international community, even committed to world peace. The recent behavior of the CCP is anything but that. These games just might be much worse than Tokyo 2020.

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Forget covid. Remember the Uighurs, Tibetans, Mongols and other minorities suffering under Zhongnanhai's yoke. (Some might call it genocide.)

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Interesting how not one word about ccp genocide is mentioned in this article, sorry twaddle.

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There is no pressure, nobody will go or watch this Olympics.

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Give the world a lesson..


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nobody will go or watch this Olympics.

except the obvious CCP supporters here

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