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Beijing Games: Sports coverage fine, other things maybe not


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“It demands this from governments, but also corporations, media, and individuals," she said in an email. "So, do I think China is going to go after anyone, including sports reporters during the Olympics, that deviate from the ‘acceptable’ script? Yes, I absolutely do.”

China is pulling away in the lead in the medal count at the 2021 Tokyo Pandemic Olympics and it is just a taste of things to come.

During the Cold War, the US supported any number of fascist ally states if they fell into the capitalist, pro-America camp.

China is flexing it's muscles and it will be "you are either with us , or against us" no matter what authoritarian policies they put into practice.

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China thinks it can get all the credibility of hosting the games (which it desperately craves) without getting the scrutiny it deserves for its horrible, documented abuses of human rights. It’s mistaken.

The west should boycott the games to deny China its “glory” and to show the IOC that it’s a sports organization, not an unelected quasi-state and that it’s not as important as elected democracies.

Absent a ban, reporters are going to report. It’s it, that’s that.

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Humans rights issues never stopped Sochi. Or does it only apply to non-whites?

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The IOC included human rights requirements several years ago in the host city contract for the 2024 Paris Olympics, but it did not include those guidelines — the U.N. Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights — for Beijing. Paris is the first Olympics to contain the standards, long pushed for by human rights groups.

Basic human rights!!!!!!!

Walk away from Beijing Winter Games!!!!

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Looking forward to it!

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Organisations and individuals that attend these winter games may very well regret it in the years to come. Sadly these truths will be exposed in history books, and we all know who gets to write those.

Boycott the China games.

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Total boycott by all countries, please.

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Somebody’s gonna be asking for an apology.

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Boycott by all nations please.

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Beijing 2022 to the gutter!

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Nobody's going to boycott.

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Likely it'll be the last Olympics in China for a long, long time

The IOC and other countries wouldn't want any more of the controversies and headaches that China's policies bring about (restricting reporters to only positive coverage, banning social media, stalking visiting fans like a hawk, etc.) It's like having a party in a police state - how can ya have fun in that

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The IOC says the Olympics are only about the sports; no politics allowed. This will be the mantra, as it always is, when the Beijing Winter Games open in six months. I WONDER HOW MUCH CHINA PAID FOR THAT PITCH? BOYCOTT CHINA 2022! IOC= INTERNATIONALLY OWNED CHINA!!

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