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Belgian designer to pursue Tokyo Olympics logo plagiarism case


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Really? seems a bit small minded to me.

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pay him off to use the logo... much easier than starting the whole process again isn't it??

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Seems he wants the JOC and especially Sano to admit that they plagiarized his design instead of taking the easy way out.

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Does Japan recognise rulings handed down by Belgian courts? Must the defendant, should he lose, abide by the ruling of that court? Highly unlikely, imho - Sano`s career is toast at this point, anyway.

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How can anyone defend plagiarism and deception? It's more than money, it's also the recognition for his creativity.

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A designer who doesn't believe in forgiveness with a money hungry lawyer that'll eat the case.

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This law suit will bring nothing more notoriety to the Liege theater along with money, they both go hand in hand.

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