Big spending China threatens J-League dominance


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Chinese male footballers s**k, that's why they need to import. Btw, not to encourage J-boys to go overseas but sushi chefs in Dusseldorf are good, won't miss home much there ;)

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Forget about football. What team sports are the Chinese good at??? They can't work together, except when they protest against Japan, and that's their national character. One Chinese colleague put it to me, "You can't keep money and glory all to yourself in a team sport, which the Chinese generally hate."

Many football experts have been saying, "Oh, China will be a big footballing nation someday," for about 20 years. They haven't delivered the goods.

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Play big, fail big.

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Typical Japanese thinking..... chain young talent to longer contracts instead of paying them what they are worth.

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reason is, to keep a hold of them, especially when overseas clubs come looking, the J.League clubs won't lose them so easy with the "Zero Yen Transfers".

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Chinese league is still an absolute mess - players not being paid on time, fans not bothering to turn up, teams failing in the ACL. There is a long way to go before CSL becomes a serious league.

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I'm glad to see there are posters who think a bit more objectively without having to resort to some racist claptrap like Hiroicci (who seems jealous that attention is being diverted away from Japan).

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