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Biles says FBI turned 'blind eye' to reports of gymnasts' abuse


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After this, I hope they investigate the sexual abuse towards young male wrestlers and how Gym Jordan stood by and did nothing but laugh.

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The FBI really seem to only protect the great and good. These poor athletes just ignored or told to pipe down. Disgraceful

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These women are heroic.

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Don't lose sight of the culprit......

“I blame Larry Nassar and I also blame an entire system that enabled and perpetrated his abuse,” Biles said 

The FBI investigators must also accept full responsibility for the failure


Biles said a message needs to be sent: "If you allow a predator to harm children, the consequences will be swift and severe. Enough is enough.”

It is a appalling litany of failure to protect the most venerable from these predator's.

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The institutional failure of the FBI doesn't end here: they also turned an egregious blind eye to beer-swilling Brett, with even more far-reaching consequences for American women than the serial abuse of young women gymnasts. The FBI will soon feel a lot more heat from the next investigation into their odd lack of curiosity concerning their vetting of a dubious Trump appointee to Scotus. There'll be a lot of popcorn popping for the DOJ's scrutiny of further FBI negligence.

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Firing one agent and pointing out another soon after the report got buried moved on to work at the IOC is not nearly enough, and makes the apologies fall on deaf ears, and then some. Time to clean house on this. Prosecutions for those agents accountable. Not quite to the tune of Nassar's 176 years or whatever it is, but definitely some jail time and their reputations and careers ruined for life, not to mention community service where they have to give speeches on how they supported pedophilia, but how they were dead wrong, and then give a long speech on their involvement, and how sexual assault is wrong, etc.

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The point mrtinjp is trying to make is that by writing Biles, the AP is displaying it’s left leaning tendencies because it is highlighting the problem from the perspective of an African American woman.

when in fact the AP is just writing it that way because Biles is by far the most famous of the four.. there is no agenda, it’s got nothing to do with race or politics.

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the AP is displaying it’s left leaning tendencies because it is highlighting the problem from the perspective of an African American woman.

I would agree that highlighting discrimination based on race is a "left-leaning tendency". The right are usually discriminating against someone, they certainly aren't standing up against bigotry.

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