Blatter says FIFA corruption probe won't lead to him


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The corruption occurred under Blatter's watch. He has to be removed to restore public confidence in FIFA.

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blather, blather, blather....

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A Blatter supporter? What's next, unicorns?

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Sepp Blatter acceptance speech, 'I take the responsibility to bring back FIFA. I'm convinced we can do it, I will be in command of this boat called FIFA. We will bring it back, we will bring it back offshore and bring it back to the beach'....For some bizarre reason there was a reference to beach soccer...In essence this was the promise Sepp Blatter made four years ago.

Where was any assessment report detailing 'true financial visibility/viability' of commercial/ TV rights franchising agreements. The financial structure must be quantified for robustness in reporting to a directorship. Preparation of finance board reports avoid inheriting fraud or fraud risk from negotiation more effectively, and uncovers “off balance-sheet” issues. Accounting objective appraisal will detail finance structuring options. All these are essential requirements.

Quarterly or monthly management accounts reports?

Control risks policy structure on the avoidance of bribery and corruption, checks and balances?

These are the reasons Sepp Blatter must resign, whether Blatter is complicit in any wrong doing is a matter for the Swiss and US authorities investigations and due process.

Sepp Blatter is simply either, negligent and/or lacked the competence to carry out his duties as President of FIFA.

To fall back on accusations that the US authorities and British press are conspiring to topple him is risible, ludicrous, and throws more suspicion on his motives of denial?

What should be made of the posturing President Putin, claiming that the arrests were an attempt to undermine Blatter and destabilize the Russia 2018 World Cup?.......President Putin, if Swiss authorities undercover fraud and corruption to the 2018 World Cup bidding process, will have betrayed not only the Russian FA, but the integrity of the Russian people.

Because the Russian bid could have stood alone and won fair 'n' square.

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“I forgive but I don’t forget,” Blatter also said at FIFA headquarters, referring to a European-led attempt to oust him after 17 years in office.

Arrogant old man. He is an embarrassment to the world's most popular sport.

Blatter criticized U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and received a congratulatory telegram from Vladimir Putin, president of 2018 World Cup host Russia.

Don't need to say anymore. He is attacking someone trying to rid his sport, and his organization, of corruption, while getting telegrams from a fellow dictator.

“I do not see how FIFA could be directly affected by this,” Blatter said.

Several senior FIFA executives under indictment, and sponsors like Visa putting them on notice, and he says that? No wonder he and Putin are good friends, they are able to construct altrenate views of reality to suit their needs.

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I think it's pretty obvious that the US tried to oust Blatter because he's cozy with Putin.

Many developing countries support Blatter and that's why he won the election.

Nice try US, the only thing you did is expose your own childish tactics.

And you don't think Blatter is corrupt??? ROFL

Probably he woke up with a horse's head in his bed recently. Why do you think he won reelection? We are talking about Soccer, remember?! If you don't think Blatter is knee deep swimming in corruption, you need to put the drink down.

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Anyone that remains in FIFA will do so because they are part of the corruption. THose that leave will have demonstrated that they won't accept it. Why do you think that it was the Africa and South American countries that supported him? ... because they were the ones that were receiving the payoffs. AND they are all too stupid to realize that by supporting ol' man Blatter, they are telling the world they like and benefit from the corruption.

I sincerely hope that Visa, Coka Cola, Nike, Adidas, Sony, Emirates, JVC, McDonalds, Fuji Xerox, Fujifilm, Canon, Al;fa Romeo, Hyundai, Seiko, Philips, Toshiba, and all the other sponsors have the balls to pull out of FIFA. If they don't it means that they are part of the corruption.

If you are Japanese and love football, then it is your responsibility to tell the Japanes companies involved, that you will blacklist them if they continue to sponsor FIFA.

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And if you're not Japanese...?

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I hope soccer takes the nuclear option and European leagues, North, and South America all pull out of WC and host their own "Clean Cup". That will DEFINITELY have the sponsors pull out of FIFA, and Blatter will try to fight tooth and nail but he'll be done for sure. Let him cry about being some imaginary scapegoat, and unrightfully ousted all he likes -- he'll be gone.

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I sincerely hope that Visa, Coka Cola, Nike, Adidas, Sony, Emirates, JVC, McDonalds, Fuji Xerox, Fujifilm, Canon, Al;fa Romeo, Hyundai, Seiko, Philips, Toshiba, and all the other sponsors have the balls to pull out of FIFA. If they don't it means that they are part of the corruption.

No. They are companies looking to promote their products. Football is a huge world-wide sport, the perfect venue for these companies to promote their product. Unless they are directly subordinating corruption, they are not part of it. Think of it this way: a supermarket you shop at regularly all of a sudden has an outbreak of food poisoning. You continue to shop their after the incident (for the sake of this example). Are you part of the food poisoning incident?

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hes the captain of the ship thats full of rats, he need to take responsility for those under him whether he knew about it or not

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Blatter supporter ? Is that a incontentences device. A reason why 2004? FBI did say this is just the beginning and FBI are probably working towards the present. A reason why make arrests just before the FIFA election. They wanted the first round of arrests be achieved the most efficient way. By interview the accuse all at the same time separately and all being in the same place at once. This allow the FBI to get all the statement of the accused at same time so they can review the statements one against the other while still under arrest. It also blunt any post discussion by the accuse to work out alibis,collaborate statements, and make sure of the paper trial are destroyed. They are following protocol so evident gathering is not tainted.

Why Has FIFA allow Russia to still host a FIFA world cup after the downing of a Passenger air flight. Is it because Putin has evidence of the corrupt moneys and FIFA people involved. Putin fire off a response only hours latter the arrests. When it took a fortnight to respond to the down Passenger Jet. The EU, England, America, Asia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand all FIFA members have embargo against Russia. Why haven,t the FIFA imposed a football embargo on Russia. After this week most people would agree that the FIFA can not say that do not get involved in Politics.

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I sincerely hope that Visa, Coka Cola, Nike, Adidas, Sony, Emirates, JVC, McDonalds, Fuji Xerox, Fujifilm, Canon, Al;fa Romeo, Hyundai, Seiko, Philips, Toshiba, and all the other sponsors have the balls to pull out of FIFA. If they don't it means that they are part of the corruption.

Sony and Emirates already terminated their contracts at the end of 2014.

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It's always kind of fun to watch guys like this go down.

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Blatter won the election.

Of course he did.

Blatter stands up for the developing world and the Elite in Europe and America hate him for that.

You are so incredibly naïve.

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Too bad folks.

Blatter won the election.

Question is, how exactly did he win it?

And don't expect the Western media to explain how or why.

Go and Google FIFA corruption and you'll get a couple of hundred hits from all over the world, NOT just the Western media, all pretty much saying the same thing.

But the fact of the matter is that Blatter has massive support in the developing world, especially Africa, the Middle East and South America.

You are talking about 3rd world countries that could definitely benefit from financial help, endorsements and advertisements and big name recognitions to help bring more attention, players and fans to their countries. We're talking about a lot of money.

Blatter stands up for the developing world and the Elite in Europe and America hate him for that.

Honestly, I don't even think YOU believe that. I'm not buying it!

Hence this media blitz to try and oust him.

Not only should he be ousted, but he should sitting in a cell somewhere for a lengthy amount of time to ponder and think about the shame and disgrace he brought to FIFA, the fans and the honest people that are truly dedicated to making the WC and honest and respectful event, they deserve honesty and integrity.

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FIFA can't find someone who stands up for smaller countries yet isn't corrupt?

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I see, so the entire developing world is corrupt and personally bought off by Mr. Blatter.

Probably. We are talking about "The Beautiful Game."

And there's a massive conspiracy among developing nations to keep Blatter in power.

There is a lot to be gained by it.

All of South America, Africa and Central Asia are all in on the conspiracy to keep Blatter in charge.

There is no conspiracy.

So then all this scandal going on is trumped up by whom??? The Illuminati??

Many countries support Blatter because he broke the European Hegemony over FIFA and that's why he won the election.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that. LOL

The harsh reality is sports like Soccer, Baseball, Boxing, the Olympics especially have always been corrupt and to think otherwise is just not dealing with reality and the facts, I wasn't surprised about Blatter being knee deep in this corruption, I am just shocked that it took so long to come out. But as they say, Sunshine is indeed the best disinfectant.

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