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Blue Jays dominate Yankees 6-0 for 7th straight win


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As I said, Toronto will be WS champs for 2015. Put that in the bank.

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Kenny: Hopefully you're right. But lest we forget, the US and sponsors in general don't like it when teams in Canada win too much. Last time Toronto won the WS, and back to back with the one before it, of course, the Montreal Expos were headed for the win and that helped cause the strike that more or less destroyed baseball as a legitimate sport. So get ready for a lot of complaining again if they do in fact keep winning.

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Kenny: "USA thinks Canada is 51st state so they wont complain too much, @smithinjapan"

Nah, I don't think so. Well, maybe in regards to baseball -- but they wouldn't be too terribly off the mark in that regard if they did.

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Just finished listening to the 3rd game of series, and Jays have now won 8 in a row.

Amazing series in that the Yankees scored only one run in a 3 game home series. They certainly won't be winning a world series if that kind of play continues.

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The Blue Jays look unbeatable with the late additions of pitchers David Price as a starter, and LaTroy Hawkins and Mark Low in the bullpen. Then they shored up their defence with addition of Troy Tulowiski at shortstop and Ben Rivere in the left field. All these moves just before the July 31 trade deadline. The Jays no longer have any weakness either on pitching or on offence, and their winning confidence and morale is sky high right now. Their starters look solid with fewest runs given up since the All Star game, and the bullpen is just lights out, backed by the most potent offence in baseball. They just steamed rolled over Kansas City, Minnesota, and now New York. Those are not exactly bad ball clubs, yet they didn't just beat them all, they just flat clobbered them. Now they're building up another long winning streak. Watch out now, but I think they are going to be the favorite to win it all.

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