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Bolt and teammates tested at training camp

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...and even though they are tested so many times over the years (including Asafa Powell who has been tested over 100 times, including twice before competing at the Olympics last year), people still say that there is a 'doping culture' among the Jamaicans.

It is one thing to test positive for a banned substance (from the complicated list of banned substances that changes regularly and which prevents you from taking simple medication like panadol multisymptom), but it is another thing to have a culture of deliberate doping. Jamaicans does not have the funds or the desire to embark on a 'sophisticated system of doping', but take pride in the fact that their success is due to natural and raw talent.

For years, there has been much talk locally in Jamaica about the need for the athletes to be vigilant because it is recognized that many persons worldwide are jealous of their continued success at the sprints (in the same way that the Kenyans and Ethiopians are always successful at long distance running).

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