Bomb survivor Shepherd 'just having fun' at Paralympics

By Andrew McKIRDY

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That is an impressive story.

8 ( +12 / -4 )

Good job Haven .

Amazing positive attitude

3 ( +7 / -4 )

Very impressive young lady! All the best to her.

2 ( +6 / -4 )

what a strong woman!

2 ( +6 / -4 )

They strapped themselves to a bomb, held Haven and detonated the device, killing themselves instantly and blasting their tiny daughter 12 meters out of their hut.

America's purpose is to provide a haven to people like her

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

TMI folks !

I think haven has suffered enough without the need of any more of comments about the injury.

Please allow haven to enjoy her well earned Olympian achievement.

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

Glad I read this article. I’ll keep an eye out for her if she is still competing. Bright and bubbly with a positive outlook. Admirable.

Just listening to some of their stories today I was amazed at the variety. One swimmer lost an arm and a leg to a shark attack, but his swimming style was really powerful.

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