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Bosnia and Herzegovina beats Japan 2-1 to win Kirin Cup


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Samurai Blue couldn't save Kirin Cup :(

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Whatever happened to Bulgaria? I am still smiling at their 2-1 win over Germany in 1994. Hope they find another Stoichkov and Letchkov.

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Congratulations to Bosnia and Herzegovina: a tiny country that has seen such horrors.

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The problem with Japan is that they always try to walk the ball into the net and this is why they fell short today. Right before the final whistle, Kiyotake had a clear opportunity(and probably the best one of the game) to score a goal but instead he rather unselfishly passed the ball across the box for one of his team-mates to score a tap-in where there were a few Bosnian players already waiting to clear the ball. He should have just took the shot! That decision by Kiyotake was the difference in taking the game to extra time or losing.

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Japan shouldn't bench kagawa and honda against Bosnia that narrowly miss out in Euro 16 play-off

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guess Honda and Kagawa were injured

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Bosnia? That little country near Albania beat Japan . Wow.

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That little country near Albania beat Japan . Wow.

By your rationale, China should be the strongest soccer team. That "little country" just so happens to be ranked 20th in the world. Way better than Japan, I'm afraid.

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