50 and out as Mayweather stops McGregor

By John Gurzinski

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No surprise with that result. Two unpleasant characters knocking seven bells out of each other.

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Lots of respect for both of these excellent fighters.

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Now lets see Mayweather go UFC with McGregor.

Mayweather has always been one of the most boring fighters to watch.

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he just made 200 million and retired. don't think he needs to bother any more,

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but McGregor, in his first ever boxing appearance, by no means embarrassed himself.

As a fighter he sure did ok, but McGregor the man has been an embarrassment for quite a while now. I have to say I got tired of his showman antics in the last few weeks. Glad it's over tbh. Fight was ok though but as usual McG gassed out after a few rounds (same as in mma).

Mayweather was pure class after the fight whereas it was again all about McG i.e "I made him fight like a Mexican' (!!!).

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Mayweather, as ever, figured it out, did his thing, collected the bling. Wasn't ever in trouble, put Conor in the rubble. 50-0. The numbers never lie.

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I'd go in the ring with Mayweather and lose for a cool $100 million! Daaaayyumm!!

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@ DanLewis

you would if you could but you can't .........

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I would like to know how much sky tv and the others made from this.

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Mcgregor stunk the joint power in that girlie left hand. Confirms my suspicions about UFC being a farce...a bit like pro wrestling

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Mayweather was excellent. The control he demonstrated was so good to watch, total pro, but we all knew that anyway.

Mcgregor lasted EXACTLY 25 minutes (5x5 minute rounds) as per UFC, start of the 9th round he started getting tagged hard.

Deep water.

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This fight was a farce from the beginning. McGreggor shouldn't be holding a pro-boxer's jock much less fighting.

Remember in the early days of UFC? No rounds, no gloves, no weight categories. You could fight or you couldn't.

there are a few good fighters, but mostly I see people with no defensive skills to speak of. No footwork, no head movement and certainly no blocking. If these guys could fight, they'd be pro boxers. But they can't generally speaking, so they go to the minors AKA MMA.

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he just made 200 million and retired. don't think he needs to bother any more,

Actually Mayweather is horrible with his money I heard and spends up to $75 million per year on cars, clothes, entourage and money showers at strip clubs. He also has trouble paying taxes. I'd say he'll be back if the payout is good.

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This fight has some resemblance to the first Rocky movie,,,

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I am surprised McGregor lasted as long as he did. Mayweather may be one of the most unlikeable people in sports but he is one of the best boxers in history. McGregor isn't a trained boxer and the fact that he lasted 10 rounds just shows that he is tough and can take a punch. Put Mayweather in the ultimate fighting ring and he wouldn't stand a chance.

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Do this, do that; put Mayweather here, Conor there. At the end of the day, McGregor must've known he was going in there to lose, but the payout was just too much. UFC is closer to street brawling while boxing requires more than just toughness and grit.

Despite what people say about Floyd, a 50-0 record is something some of us can't say we have in anything, rather alone something as intense as boxing. Hats off to the guy, and good on McGregor for lasting 10 rounds with an undisputed champ.

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Bravo for Mayweather. Both are superb athletes.

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But they can't generally speaking, so they go to the minors AKA MMA. lol and most pro boxers would get their butts kicked in the MMA or on the street, once youve got a boxer on the ground a decent grappler/wrestler will cream them, as the MMA shows its not hard to get any opponent onto the canvas and a good boxer cant keep his distance forever.

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Mayweather has spent a career masterfully avoiding getting hit, it's "the noble art of self-defence" remember, so it should be no surprise that even at 40, he can avoid getting hit by a fighter from another discipline who has never boxed and depends on pile-drivers, not speed or movement.

The bout descended into Mayweather giving the big-paying public half an hour for their money before the switch flipped and the thing was brought to its obvious conclusion. It was entertaining, but it wasn't a contest.

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This fight was mismatched. MMA fighter has to fight 5 min 3 rounds or 5 rounds in championship belt fight. Obviously, Conor McGregor can not go full 3 min 12 rounds fight.

Also Conor McGregor has never been fought 12 rounds professional boxing match. The Floyd Mayweather JR vs Conor McGregor fight result was same as predicted by fans and boxing pundits.

I don't buy PPV for this fight even thought PPV fee was half price of Manny vs. Floyd fight. The fight doesn't worth to buy PPV. Let see how much PPV has sold for this fight. They thought MMA fans and boxing fans together the PPV will be sold more than Floyd vs Manny fight. Floyd can sell US PPV buyers but not to international buyers.

I want to see Manny vs. Floyd fight. The business between two was not finished yet if it was happened and then the fight should not be in US because Floyd Mayweather was protecting by US Judges and Nevada Athletic Commission.

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Before the fight, Mayweather is guaranteed $100 million, while McGregor is guaranteed $30 million.

Update: After all the gate receipts TV and PPV earnings, Mayweather now expects to earn over $300 million, and McGregor is predicted to make around $100 million.

McGregor’s biggest disclosed payday in the UFC was a $3 million purse for his rematch against Nate Diaz a little over a year ago. So he went from $3M to $100M.

From just the 2 fights vs. Pacquiao and then McGregor, Mayweather has earned over $600 million. He will never fight again............... unless he can find another fight that will net him minimum 9 figures (that's $100 million or more)

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