JBC says cannabis found in boxer Ioka's December doping test sample


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Marijuana is hardly a "performance enhancing drug" when it comes to boxing. Quite the opposite. LOL.

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So what.

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True, marijuana is not a PED, but neither is it a dietary requirement. The rules are clear. Athletes are supposed to test clean. You can't really cherry pick the drugs you think you should be able to take.

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You can't really cherry pick the drugs you think you should be able to take.

If he pulled a Conor Mcgregor and came in radioactively hungover for a check no one would bat an eyelid though at the JBC.

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is alcohol a banned substance??? If not , what is your point?

Need it spelled out?

'Banning ' substances that has no basis in harm reduction or performance enhancement is completely arbitrary.

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It’s not really going to help the guy in the ring though, probably the reverse..

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"Ioka hasn't taken or used any banned substance," his Shisei Gym said in a statement. "We'll prove his innocence. We wonder why they needed to announce that at this time."

Because by law the JBC has to announce it!!

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I'm sure there is an innocent explanation. Perhaps Ioka was training at his boxing gym when another person was smoking marijuana, and he accidentally inhaled a puff of smoke.

In any case, even if proven he had willingly smoked marijuana, the penalty would be around 3 months - less than the time between fights.

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We'll prove his innocence

hostage justice...

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Well, it proves he is an idiot by taking an illegal in Japan substance. Marijuana is not performance enhancing so is not regularly looked for in tests. Unless someone tipped off the testers. I feel there is more to this story.

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What is the sensitivity and specificity of the test? can these "traces" be found by accidental exposure or food?

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This is ridiculous. Marijuana should have been legalized worldwide by now. How is this big news in Japan? We see boxers and fighters smoking weed at their press conferences and stand-offs in the U.S. Even in states where for some reason it's still illegal.

When was the last time a famous Hollywood star or musician was known for having a clean drug record? Why are these things so taboo in Japan that it could mean the end of your professional career.

And why do they need to get down to a dog's level and say sorry? "I'm sorry this stressful lifestyle led me to use a substance that helps me to relax, while the government does nothing, and doctors tell me to man up."

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No truce to drugs. Just because few are doing it and in their minds they are in the correct, it does not mean Japanese society needs to conform for their sake.

it starts like a cancer until it takes over society as a whole. Look at Philippines and the US.

lucky that Japan is not as harsh as Singapore and Indonesia.

So be happy with alcohol or Cava Cava if it is legal like in Fiji.

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Well, he’s a professional athlete, so no punishment.

-5 ( +2 / -7 )

Jesus, who cares?! What about if he’d had alcohol or tobacco in his system? Nothing. Why’s that? Oh, tax revenue perhaps. It’s like the public have been brainwashed when it comes to drugs in Japan. Oh, hang on…

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Couldn't agree more ... such a non-story! Grow up Japan.

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The law is the law, when in Japan I don't smoke pot at all, People get upset at Japanese society and want them to conform. It will never happen. Like same sex marriage. Don,t come to Japan then. People get upset at Japanese society call them insults and want Japan to change. Build a bridge and get over it. It Japan society not the pride pot smoking society.

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"Marijuana should have been legalized worldwide by now."

No, it should not.

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It’s actually likely that the trace amounts of THC could have come not from blazing up but by using CBD products that are 100% illegal and becoming popular with athletes for their anti inflammatory and post work out relaxing properties. So chill!

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There’s a reason cannabis is also called ‘dope’

Not the choice of drug for a boxer…

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> it starts like a cancer until it takes over society as a whole. Look at Philippines and the US.

Not legal in all US states and strictly illegal in the Philippines

Even cursory fact checking proves your statements incorrect or just plain fantasy

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100% legal! Gomen!

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Cannabis is not exactly a performance enhancing drug, is it?

As a matter of fact, it's quite the opposite. If an professional athlete is using cannabis before a match, they're probably going to lose.

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Why is this considered NATIONAL "News" when supposedly there was NO CRIME or rules violated ?

Typical Japan.

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