Brady, Bucs out as Rams advance; Chiefs down Bills


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Watched all four games and this may have been the best weekend of playoff football in NFL history. Kudos to all involved! And I am very much looking forward to next weekend.

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Go 49ers!!

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Go 49ers!!

No! Go Rams!

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No! Go Rams!

Yuck :)

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If the chiefs had lost, this would have been a perfect weekend.

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Agreed, Godan. All four games decided on walk-offs. Great stuff.

Kinda hoping for a 49er-Bengals Super Bowl, with the Bengals winning this time to erase my double dose of childhood trauma (Anthony Munoz fan) and wipe my brother's smirk off his face (Ronnie Lot fan).

NFL has got to change the overtime format, though.

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I like the Bengals, and those Superbowl's in the 80's were what got me into the 49ers.

You could well gain revenge and I wouldn't begrudge you!


Law of averages suggests you'll beat us! All the best!

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It has been an awesome weekend of NFL action.

It must be the best weekend ever as far as tense games go.

I love the draft system in the National Football League.

In other sports the richest always win just look at Bayern Munchen,Manchester City,Barcelona and Real Madrid in soccer.

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So glad the Packers got knocked out. I hope the Bengals win the Super Bowl.

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What games this weekend! Josh Allen was a beast but Patrick Mahomes was just otherworldly. With thirteen seconds left, Andy Reid told him, "When times are grim become the grim reaper" and he did. Helluva line but he was one of possibly three or four QBs ( Brady, Rodgers, maybe Allen) who could have pulled that off.

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No sport in the world can give this kind of back and forth sustained excitement. God bless the USA!

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Football is a business, most player, are more interested in lining their pockets, than giving a good effort, 5 top player on each team, make more than the 48 others players on the roster and create resentment of their team mates

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