Brady leads big comeback as Patriots beat Falcons 34-28 in OT to win Super Bowl


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So what was all that fuss about Chicago beating Cleveland last November??

I'll never understand ice hockey.... : (

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I swear Brady completed every single pass in the 4th quarter except for those with offensive interference calls. I've never seen a worse playing secondary in all of my life. I ain't the one for conspiracies but it almost seems suspicious.

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Falcons defense were unlucky with all those tipped pass-balls; game got tight in the 4th quarter which was something new to the Falcons who were blowing teams out by the 4th Q; and all those long Patriot drives (even those that didn't result in points) finally took a toll (Patriots had the ball for more than 40 min and ran more than 2x the plays than the Falcons) on the tired Falcons defense

The injury to Falcons RB Freeman who was having a good day, and the very next play, his replacement RB Coleman missed a block that led to the QB strip-sack lost-fumble, and then Patriots TD that turned the game around

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When is my Jets going to Super Bowl? :-(

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Ho hum........Not real football - why is this news ???

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I haven't seen a lead blown this badly since... Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign.

Must've been the Russians... (Rushings)

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What an exciting game. After the Falcons built up their big league one of the commentators stated what would be needed for the Patriots to pull even -- including the pair of two-point conversions -- and that's what the Pats did. And then they went on to pull in yet another Super Bowl title. Great!!

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In a first, Pope Francis released a video message for the Super Bowl:

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Ohhhhhhhh My! Listen to the deafening silence from a certain few posters who trashed the now 5 TIME SUPER BOWL CHAMPS! all week!

Greatest coach/player duo in the history of sports and not even debatable now!

I want to bottle the tears of the haters and mix it in with my champagne!!

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@clamenza - I was one of those of whom you speak. I am STILL what you would dub a "hater". I even "hate" to agree with you that he (Brady) and his coach are more than likely just as you stated. BUT with THEIR history, I just can't help to wonder HOW THEY CHEATED this time !

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BUT with THEIR history, I just can't help to wonder HOW THEY CHEATED this time !

Can you send those tears? I'm switching to rum now...

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Wow, the Atlanta team blew an historic lead! Who else in recent history has blown such a big lead? Oh, right, HER!

BIG win for PATRIOTS, and Trump supporters.

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What a choke job by the Falcons. Only Eli knows how to beat New England. Congrats to the Pats on a great and historic win. Trump seemingly can't lose.

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Perhaps somelostrune will blame Putin?

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How many possible excuses for the Falcons' loss? Infinite. Reality? Just one, they didn't play better.

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BUT with THEIR history, I just can't help to wonder HOW THEY CHEATED this time !

Not a Patriots fan (not a fan of any team in any sport, really) but I'm getting tired of hearing all this "Patriots cheat" and how that's supposedly the ONLY reason they've won 5 Super Bowls.

Brady is the best QB ever, hands down. This game proved that and sealed that. Don't want to hear about "Deflategate." That happened two years ago and the NFL delivers game balls to stadiums in armored cars now. Yet Brady still went out and won every game but one this year. He still went out and set all sorts of records.

"Deflategate" is NOT the reason why the Pats won or why Brady is the best. It was the hockey equivalent of using a stick with too much curve on the blade. Illegal, yes, technically, but that's not what makes a player great. "Deflategate" was much ado over nothing -- a media-driven "scandal" in which the NFL, in its zeal to make the fans think it was "taking things seriously," suspended Brady for 25% of the season over something that really warranted a wrist-slap. Yet the Patriots STILL went 14-2 this year. With Brady sitting out the first four games!

And "Spygate"? I was at that game. "Spygate" wasn't the reason why New England destroyed the Jets that day. It wasn't the reason why Brady had all day to throw, without a Jet anywhere near him every time he stepped back to pass. (Did I mention I was at that game?) It wasn't the reason why New England ran a kickoff back 108 yards for a touchdown. Again, much ado over something that was illegal, yes, but New England is far from the first team to try to push the envelope on the rules.

"Cheating" isn't the reason why the Patriots take low-draft choices and undrafted free agents (Brady, Gronkowski, Branch, Butler, Edelman, Hogan, Brusci and many others) and mold them into a true team who keep their egos in check. Again, I'm not a fan of theirs. But too many people these days seem to want to punish achievement and think the worst of people who've been successful in their endeavors -- whether it's getting rich, or winning Super Bowls, or whatever. Whenever someone or some organization is markedly successful in life, lots of people automatically think it's because they "cheated" and ONLY because they "cheated." It's ridiculous.

You don't win 5 Super Bowl in less than 2 decades ONLY by cheating! Especially when the NFL office has a target on your back, basically hates you, and is watching your every move like a hawk.

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The Falcons won the popular vote, ha ha

Amazing how Trump predicted at halftime that the Patriots would win by 8 points - he was only two points off!

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This is why I vomit at American football: everyone sings the quarterback's praises, and his alone, until they're blue in the face. Nevermind the linemen, without whom, the quarterback can't do squat. American football is like American capitalism. You have a one-percenter who doesn't do jack yet gets all the credit and associative hooting and hollering; meanwhile the people doing the work, the heavy lifting, the line, barely get a mention. I guess Americans love their cowboy story, their lone wolf. They also worshipped John Wayne, but he too was only glitter.

Also, the patriots cheated. One guy never made it into the end zone during a two point conversion effort; and second, the game winning touchdown never happened. The player's knees touched the ground just in front of the goal line.

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Wow, the Atlanta team blew an historic lead! Who else in recent history has blown such a big lead? Oh, right, HER!

BIG win for PATRIOTS, and Trump supporters.

Amazing Game without a doubt!! Tom Brady is da' man!! Even Lady Ga Ga was awesome!

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Falcons somehow snatched defeat from the jaws of victory

Amazing how Trump predicted at halftime that the Patriots would win by 8 points - he was only two points off!

Heheh, Trump left his Super Bowl party just after the Falcons went ahead 28-3 - even he didn't believe there'd be a comeback

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Noidall: a couple of points. Regarding the scoring plays: EVERY scoring play is automatically reviewed in the NFL. There is no chance of a mistake. Plus, "the guy" doesnt have to make it into the end zone- the ball does. Even then, it only has to touch a part of the goal line. So, if the nose of the ball is touching the goal line, the points are good. It doesnt matter where the player is or where his knee is.

Agree that it was a great game. Not a "choke" by the Falcons at all, they were a very good team all year and no fluke to be in the Big Game. But, they did get exhausted, especially the defense. They were on the field way too long and couldn't keep up when the Patriots started to run a fast offense.

Plus, for me there was some karma involved. In the third quarter, I saw the owner of the Falcons on the field, near the Falcons bench. As if he were getting ready for the celebration and trophy. It was arrogant and too early. So, the football gods chose to punish him for his hubris.

I believe i called the final score 35-27 before the game. What do I win?

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All of those long New England drives wore out the Falcons defense. They were too tired to stop Brady from picking them apart. Thrilling game!

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