Ohtani wins AL Rookie of the Year; Acuna wins NL honor

By Ronald Blum

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Congrats SHO-TIME!

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Congratulations! Yankee fans won't be happy about this as they keep dwelling on Andujar being better because of his HR count and better average. Ohtani was more of an impact player on the entire MLB no matter how you look at it. Plus Andujar was one of the worst defensive infielders in baseball.

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he pitches shut outs. he hits home runs. it was a "no brainer".  only americans could've made an easy decision so difficult.

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Congratulations to both guys. They played a great season!

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Otani is great, no doubt, but rookie of the year? Whilst his play was the best of first year MLB in the American League I would hardly call him a rookie. The man had years of development and experience in NPB. It's the same crap as when Nomo won it over Chipper Jones. Of course Japan media will be all over this. In doing so they are admitting to NPB being a minor league.

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I would hardly call him a rookie.

It's been discussed every time Ichiro or other Japanese players became a candidate. It has ended up with one question: Do we accept the level of Japanese Baseball as that of MLB? So far, American answer has been "No". Hence, Japanese players have been considered as rookies in their first years at MLB.

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Plus Andujar was one of the worst defensive infielders in baseball.

Torres isn't exactly Gold Glove material either, although in his case the errors may be more mental whereas Andujar it could be physical lack of range. In any case, congrats to Ohtani. And the voters for not holding injury or being on a terrible team against him. The rookie thing is tricky because there has to be a consistent standard for all players coming in from experience in all foreign countries. Japanese teams are definitely better than minor league as seen in the current All Star v. MLB series.

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Do we accept the level of Japanese Baseball as that of MLB?

They do when it comes to counting Ichiro's hits.

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