Braves' Kawakami leaves after getting hit by liner


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left his start

What does this mean?

I can hardly read this article, maybe you need to understand baseball?

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RandomTask: He was the starting pitcher. He had to leave the game.

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Getting hit in the neck by a line drive hurts like heck! Happened to me and I had a stiff neck for about 2 weeks. Not fun at all.

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What's a line drive?

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A line drive is when the baseball leaves the bat like a smash in tennis, no lob or curve to its trajectory. It travels straight, fast and in this case about neck high, which is relatively low in the scenerio of possible trajectories and is correspondingly extremely painful when it hits a body directly.

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"left his start"

"What does this mean?"

"What's a line drive?"

What's a pinch-hitter?

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The team said Kawakami was day to day with a bruise at the right base of >his neck. Is 'day to day' also a technical baseball term here? What's a 'clubhouse'?

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Too bad for Kawakami. He was cruising along with a no-hitter (until being hit in the neck, of course). Hope he comes back strong.

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pinch hitter - A team has to set an order (from 1-9) for their hitters. A pinch hitter is someone who is substituted for a player in the original 9 hitters. Kawakami, I assume, would've been set to hit 9th in the order, but was replaced by somebody else to hit for him (a pinch hitter).

day to day - When a player is hurt (but it isn't a severe injury), and the team chooses to decide whether the player is fit to play the next day. If not, they'll decide again the day after that, etc. They're observing whether an injury would prevent a player from playing on a day-to-day basis.

clubhouse - Is the change room area, locker room area, whatever you want to call it, for the players.

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He got hit by a liner? I was praying for it to be an ocean liner while swimming or something. Would have made for a much better story.

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