Brazil beats Japan 3-0 in Confederations Cup opener


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reality bites for the blue samurai...

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We still have a loooooong way to go judging from this game :(

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Hopefully the Samurai get a chance to play tahiti at some stage - I reckon they'd give them a real shake! Anyway - well done samba boys - they look back on top of the world.

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A Brazil win is a foregone conclusion..,

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Ah, the Samurai blues...

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Samurai Blue are such a shame of Asia...

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Guess when you don't get lucky penalty kicks or are playing a low-ranked Middle Eastern team you see the true talent. While Japan has made a lot of inroads in the game, this proves they still have a very long way to go before they can honestly call themselves one of the big dogs. I guess we won't be hearing too much about how great Honda is or how wonderful the game was. In fact, I bet you most people changed the channel after the second goal, if not the first.

Way to go, Brazil. And chin-up, Japan -- if anything this should get you to realize before the WC that you've got to up your game. Get some real strikers in there, not just people that depend on PKs or shoot wide (or both) all the time.

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Expected result. Brazil can rip open a 3-0 on all but maybe the top 5 teams or so. Not the end of the world.

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They need a goalkeeper who can STOP the BALL GOING IN the GOAL!

Rocket science? That guy is a continual embarrassment.

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I think women's team would have played better!

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With that exception of that 1-0 miracle win Japan had against Brazil in the Olympics, Japan always struggles against Brazil and other South American teams. Japan tends to do better against European teams. Where as Brazil tends to struggle against European teams. With defenders playing in Shalke, Inter and Soton I thought they would have organized themselves a little better but were outclassed.

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Most teams stuggle against SA teams.. Brazil, ARgentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, etc..

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I bet you most people changed the channel after the second goal, if not the first.

I bet you most people were not watching the game. Kick-off was 1 am, Japan time.

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Brazil was simply better than Japan, no question about it. The only players who were able to do anything productive at all were Kagawa and Honda. The rest of the team looked awful with the ball. Endo is really starting to look old against the more athletic opponents.

"Get some real strikers in there, not just people that depend on PKs or shoot wide (or both) all the time." I totally agree with you smith, but I know that's a veiled shot at Honda. The problem is, Honda isn't their striker so your blame is misplaced. Honda and Kagawa were the only two players able to keep any sort of possession up front. If they had a forward with any skill whatsoever, it would make a world of difference. Okazaki runs hard and his efforts are admirable, but you can't rely on him to create anything on his own, or to keep the ball for the rest of the team to join in the attack. Maeda is horrible and only contributes against lower ranked teams. Haavenar can be useful as a sub when pushing for a last minute goal, but other than that is another bad option. Morimoto is not great, but I have trouble believing that he's worse than any of the three mentioned above. At the very least, he wouldn't be pushed around physically by other teams, so I would like for him to get a shot. Whatever the case, Honda and Kagawa can't do it all alone, and it really showed yesterday.

ultradarkmelvin - "With that exception of that 1-0 miracle win Japan had against Brazil in the Olympics, Japan always struggles against Brazil and other South American teams."

They've actually had some decent results since the Olympic win. At the 2005 Confederations Cup, Japan drew 2-2 against Brazil, and came really close to winning at the end, and also had a goal called back at the beginning of the game for being offside when it clearly wasn't. Nakata and Nakamura were brilliant in that game.

They also beat Messi's Argentina 1-0 in 2010. That's just off the top of my head, although admittedly, even if I thought about it for much longer, I'm not sure the list would be much longer.

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Reality check! Despite having a classy midfield, without a proper finisher Japan are always forced to try and walk it in. That's nothing new really, Japan has never had a quality striker. They struggled to find the net in their last three games prior to this one because opposition teams knew how to suffocate their second phase plays. Australia's veteran defence handled them quite straightforwardly at times. Brazil are a long way short of their best but still did it easy. It must be frustrating for Honda and Kagawa not having a decent forward to either target or draw defenders away. It's still a year away but all this talk of Japan reaching the latter rounds of the World Cup just seems to be unrealistic folly.

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Kickboard, the game started here in Japan at 4:00am!

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This is REAL soccer!!

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Well, I for one, am shocked by the result. I was expecting the score to be five-nil.

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Although Japan fully deserved to lose, giving up a goal 3 minutes into each half doesn't help. Good goals or not, they could be prevented if you stick a body in front of them.

I agree with Morimoto at least wouldn't be pushed around, but Zac never chose him even when he was playing in Serie A, so he surely won't choose him now that he is in UAE. In fact, he doesn't really choose anyone new. This is basically the same team that lost 4-0 to Brazil on neutral ground, so the result was expected.

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As has been stated before ... Japan has to get someone who can score goals. Can't win if you don't score ... and in this case three goals for a draw and four for the win.

Matter of fact, the Brazilians looked a little sloppy at times. However, just suppose this would have been an all or nothing game ... they, the Brazilians, would have cleaned up their act and the score would have been much higher.

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Japan need not despair at this too much. Brazil at home in a major tournament? Most teams in the world would get a little three-nil action.

I still think Japan can go quite deep into the tournament at the World Cup. Euro-centric folk have a fondness for pooh-poohing Asian teams, but Japan are capable of beating many of them.

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While not a huge fan of the game, the Japanese men seem to me to be needing a player that can keep up with Honda and Kagawa and utilize their talents more.

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When you play Brazil at home, almost no country with the possible exception of Spain, will have more possession of the ball than Brazil. Therefore in a match like this, it is extremely important to be well organized in the back and then counter when you first get the ball. So, while losing against Brazil would not be that alarming, losing by 3 goals is alarming. Not having followed Serie A too much and Zac when he was a manager in Italy. But I know for a fact that if it is one thing the Italians do better than any other country in the world, it is to defend themselves. I was hoping to see Zac transferring some of his Italian knowledge to his team. Better luck next time.

I also agree with other people regarding Endo. He has not proven much lately and Zac should look for other options.

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We still have a loooooong way to go judging from this game :(

A long way to what? Winning the world cup? Being the best team in the world? Yes you do. It won't happen in your lifetime. Sorry.

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Anyone who criticizes Japan (particularly Japanese people) for losing three-nil to Brazil away and in such circumstances, either has no idea what they are talking about or is totally delusional. Yes , Japan has made great strides over the last 15 years and is on the right path but there is a long way to go. I remember Hidetoshi Nakata crying after a defeat to Brazil that knocked Japan out the 2006 World Cup in Germany, promptly retiring at the young age of 29 and complaining that he truely believed this was Japan's time blah blah blah and he couldn't give any more. A very short sighted and typically Japanese assessment, from a player who would have struggled, despite being head and shoulders the best player in Japan, to make the starting line-up of any World Cup winning team in history. Did you ever see Cruyff, Eusebio, Messi, Ronaldo, Puskas, Platini, or the like have such a self -absorbed opinion of themselves?Japan need to learn that you don't just need to want to win it to win it. A lot of tears have been shed over football in more passionate and deserving football nations than Japan. The day I see kids not quitting soccer (sic) over shuji or soroban is the day I'll know Japan are really on the right path.Honda and Kagawa are very good players, but you'll need to fill the rest of the team with nine players better than them to win the world cup. It doesn't mean they can't win a one-off game against most teams in the world but in the world cup they'll pretty much have to win 6 or 7 in a row against the best teams in the world. Which means improving on their performance in SouthAfrica by 5-10 times at least That's the reality. So lower your expectations and let them get on with it. Japan are at a great level at the moment, why not just enjoy that? You are like England and US, if you're not the best, whats the point. And if you cannot enjoy lesser glories, you are doomed to a sad life as a football fan. Going out to Paraguay on penalties is not close. Lose away to Jordan and if you were a European team in qualifying it would be an immediate bye bye, sayonara to the world cup. So get a grip and support the team for the great job they are doing. And if its not enough, stick to baseball. Rather you and me. signed, a long suffering soldier of the tartan army.

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Getting beat 3-0 in soccer is like totally humilating, isn't it?

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No. Not if you're Japan and they're Brazil.

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Getting beat 3-0 in soccer is like totally humilating, isn't it?

As is not being able to spell, and having crap grammar. Like.

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Japan is in European terms not at the top level but the next best level, fairly even with countries such as Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Poland. But better than teams such as Slovenia, Belgium, Austria, Hungary. Italy is a stronger team than Brazil at this moment so the next match is going to be tough. Greater miracles have happened in football before but a win against the Azuris would be a miracle.

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Not better than Belgium.

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