Brisbane embraces 'bright light' of 2032 Olympics


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lets hope Brisbane doesn't join the conga line of cities bankrupted by this tawdry little circus....

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Perhaps Uganda will be again sending the top runners? Unfortunately, after Julius Ssekitoleko poor showing in both Sydney 2018 and Tokyo 2021, he will perhaps be too old for another such long-distance marathon?

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The Queensland Premier had previously insisted she was going to watch the ceremony on television from her hotel room

But Mr Coates insisted she attend, telling her in front of a press conference she would need to learn about the traditions of the ceremony

Ms Palaszczuk has since hinted she will go, saying she does not want to offend anyone.

unlike Mr Coats who made a disrespectful public statement about an elected official.

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Coates was out of line saying what he did to the premier at a press conference. The ironic thing is neither of them are likely to be in any position of power in 2032. Coates is 71, so he will be 82 and unlikely to be in the IOC, and Palaszczuk will not be premier in 2032.

By the way, the temperature today in Brisbane was about 4 degrees in the morning. Holding the summer Olympics in winter (starting July 23, 2032) is sure going to be interesting.

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May not happen because Australia will likely still be locked down and closed to the world, like they are now, whilst the continue to look for zero Covid cases.

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