Britain savors a new sporting star in tennis champ Raducanu


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Raducanu is an absolute breath of fresh air. Her win brought a tear to my eye. Heartfelt and well-deserved congratulations!!

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Spectacular. What an athlete. What a lovely young person. England has a new sporting hero.

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Gary Lineker, the former England soccer captain, was hosting a popular soccer highlights show — “Match of the Day” — on the BBC as Raducanu was completing a victory in Arthur Ashe Stadium that would earn her $2.5 million and change her life forever. Seems he didn’t have his mind on the job.

“First time in my life I’ve ever tweeted whilst on air,” Lineker said, “but my goodness what a performance, what a triumph, what an amazing young woman.”

These two paragraphs, on own a reason to refuse to be a victim of the hype, the spin, the social media frenzy.

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Ego Sum Lux Mundi

Yeah. Well, I liked Fernandez even better but that’s okay. It’s nice to see both them at the front of the scene. A refreshing change!

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The Royal Family have have sent there congratulations.

It is indeed a accomplishment unlike any other.

What next?

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Missing the usual faces the match made a refreshing change. These two teenagers will be rivals and friends entertaining tennis fans for many years to come. Well done!

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The other day, I was wondering how her level of Chinese was, and I found this:

Really impressed with her pronunciation and intonation. It seems to be better than Leylah's French pronunciation even though she's fluent. In fact, I found Leylah's Ecuadorian father's French to have a much stronger Quebecois accent than her, albeit with a trilled r.

I think people around Emma knows there's a lot of money to be made from Chinese tennis fans, so her linguistic abilities will be useful. Don't know if it's true, but I read she plays on the table tennis circuit whenever she goes to China.

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Shame on you who turn everything into something political. It's tennis. Many people have forgotten the lost art of knowing when to shut up.

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Peter Neil

So who’s doing that on here? You must be talking about a certain tennis player.

Do not like politics being brought into sports. Making the case for that.

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