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Blues win 1st Stanley Cup, beating Bruins 4-1 in Game 7


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Go Leafs!!!

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Great to see the Blues hoist Lord Stanley! Even better to se Boston lose. Didn’t like this team, they played dirty, and in the end they lost!

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The last place team in the league on January 2 wins it all. Like a Hollywood script. Good job.

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As an NHL fan for more than half a century and in the interests of transparency and because I am a magnanimous person I will now fall on my sword and list the ways I was wrong about this series

I picked Boston.  OK, a lot of people did.

I picked Boston in 6

I said it was "impossible" for the Blues to win game 7 after failing to close in game 6 at home.

I said Binnington would be the series weak link.

I said Rask would not fail again.

It is great to see new blood win the Cup and in a Cinderella way.

And, of course, while I thought Boston would win, it's always a good day anytime a Boston team loses a series.

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The playoffs were wide open this year after the top seeds and clear favorites (Tampa Bay and Calgary) were eliminated in the first round. The Blues took advantage of this opportunity and gave their long-suffering fans a championship in the process. Good for them.

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In any sport, it’s always pleasing to see the underdogs triumph - well done !

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Around the halfway point of the season, the Blues was the worst team in the league. At Jan 2nd, they were dead-last in points. Among the bottom 8 teams, they were the only one to even make the playoffs. Among the major US sports leagues, that's the latest in the season a last-place team to go on to win the championship.

First championship in their 52 year existence. Among the major US sports leagues, they previously had the most playoff appearances (41) without ever winning it all.

Apropos that they win the Cup on the road - in these playoffs, they have a losing record at home. They lost a whopping 7-2 in Game 3 and 5-1 in Game 6, both at home! The best team in the league couldn't even do home-field advantage. And the last time the Bruins won the Cup at home, it was 48 years ago, when they beat --ya guessed it-- the Blues.

And their 26-year-old rookie goalie started the season 4th in the depth chart, and now he has won 16 games in the playoffs - the most ever for a rookie goalie (can't win more than 16 games). Last year, he was playing for the farm team........ of the Bruins!

And somebody bet $400 back when the Blues was 250-1 odds to win the Cup - he's getting $100,000 back

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