Crews work to recover remains at site of Kobe Bryant's crash


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Whoever whoever was piloting flu that helicopter into the ground at 160 miles an hour. If you saw the crash site photos, you'll notice that there are no large pieces of anything left. And after the crash there was a fire. The victim's most likely never knew what happened.

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The victim's most likely never knew what happened.

I hate to say this, but I disagree. I think at least for a few seconds they did which is the troubling and horrific part.

Quote from the LA Times: “A pilot is responsible for determining whether it is safe to fly in current and expected conditions, and a pilot is also responsible for determining flight visibility,” the FAA official told The Times, adding that it would have been up to the pilot to determine that the weather was good enough to fly.

So as of “now” it would “seem” the result of the crash was poor judgement and pilot error. Growing up in California you know how bad fog can get, so most people have the common sense when driving to drive slow and cautiously and not to speed and flying is no different, most pilots understand how cautious and careful you have to be. As to why this pilot didn’t take that into consideration is very odd as well as irresponsible.

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That pilot was irresponsible. The foggy conditions were so bad even the police and sheriff's departments grounded all flights.

Now multiple people including a sports hero with a long life ahead of him are gone because of this. Sickening.

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Sad.  Not sure what the stats are, but seems helicopters crash a lot.  Or maybe we just hear about them because they are more used by rich folks.  Kind of makes me wonder about when we finally get flying cars......

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