Kobe Bryant's death draws tributes from Asian fans, politicians


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That picture of him and his daughter just kills me, so tragic.

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Absolutely heartbreaking.

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R.I.P Kobe.

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So terribly tragic!

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Sorry to hear this, my thoughts are with the families of everyone who died.

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Kobe was bigger than life in China. I remembered being at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. I got tickets for the semifinal basketball match between Spain and Greece. Kobe just finished his team's game and was watching his friend and teammate with the Lakers Pau Gasol play for Spain. He just so happened to be sitting under a cap and sunglasses in my row when the jumbotron showed him in the audience. Hundreds of Chinese fans rushed to our section trampling over each other to try and get a picture or autograph of him. They had to stop the game just to get Kobe out of there and he wasn't even playing lol

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Rest in peace legend.

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Condolences to the Bryant family. Omimaimoushiageru.

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The saddest thing to me in all of this, is that he and his daughter had so much left to give. I was so looking forward to seeing Gianna enter college hoops (probably playing for UConn) and being a star there, then making it to the WNBA and taking it over with her own Mamba Mentality. I would bet that she would be a bonafide star and carry on her father's influence throughout the world. She would've been a force to be reckoned with. And seeing Kobe on the sidelines being proud of his daughter would've been priceless.

Of course, Kobe himself would've had a marvelous second chapter of his life; maybe even better than his first. His business of producing inspirational movies, books, etc. would've been phenomenal. He would've had even more far-reaching influence throughout the world.

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“He helped make Kobe Beef known throughout the world,” he said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press Monday.

What is his proof that Kobe Bryant the player helped make Kobe beef popular around the world?

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