Bulgarian sumo wrestler Kotooshu retires


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Kotooshu-san, taihen otsukare sama desu. You had been a great sumo wrestler and for a long time. Very graceful in wins as well as in defeats. With unique style and strong build, you are going to be a good coach too. Gambatte Kudasai. Large base of fans like me expect you to be around for many more years! At first, get refreshed and then come back soon!

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Only reason why I watched sumo, my favorite, great career bud, thank you! Best of luck in all your future endeavors...

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Here's what I said on Jan 27 after the New Year tournament finished.

Kotooshu missed his chance to return to ozeki by getting less than 10 wins. Finished on 8-7 so could have slumped down to komusubi for next tournament. Wonder how long he will linger around at sekiwake before retiring and heading up a stable.

Tearful press conference showed his passion for the sport. At 202 cm no one's gonna make fun of those man tears.

Good that he won at least one championship, remember he came close to a second but lost in the playoff to the sport's ultimate king, Asashoryu.

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A remarkable man and career, with a bright future. I still miss Asashoryu, though.

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I really enjoyed watching him over the years, but recently it was painful watching him on dojo. He just didn't have any fighting spirit with all his injuries. I wish him the best of luck.

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Gokurosama, Kotooshu !

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Although he is retiring as an active wrestler, Kotooshu will still make his mark as a trainer. For in sumo, as in most other sports, you just can't keep a good man down.

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Congrats to Kakuryu on his first championship and impending promotion to yokozuna. Wouldn't have been possible without the non-efforts of his compatriots Hakuho and Harumafuji in their bouts with him though!

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