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Button lashes out at 'idiot' Kobayashi after Korean Grand Prix


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I would like to welcome Button to auto racing. Crap like this happens. Being child-ish about it and insulting people isn't the way to go.

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Being child-ish about it and insulting people isn't the way to go.

Most of them do it all the time cause they are a bunch of arrogant self-important a$$holes specially the finger kid, hope he doesn't win again this year. Can't blame them for reacting like that right after accidents but I wonder if they ever apologize after watching the replays and understanding what really happened.

Even though Kobayashi apologized to both Rosberg and Button I don't think it was entirely his fault, accidents in the midfield are very common and Grosjean has shown that not even the cars on top are safe.

Hope Kobayashi finds some sponsors and a decent seat for next year.

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Akemi Mokoto - yes crap like this happens in auto racing BUT Kobayashi has caused/been involved in a large number of accidents this season (as well as previous seasons). It's no surprise that he's been coined 'Kobacrashi'. Drivers that don't seem to understand their responsibilities to the other drivers on the circuit become a danger to everyone.

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Being child-ish about it and insulting people isn't the way to go.

Only childish and insulting if the person they are talking about is blameless. In the case of Kobayashi, that is very much in doubt.

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Akemi Mokoto: So, you would like to "welcome" Button to motor racing. Are you a racing driver? Formula racing perhaps? If not then you are not qualified to make such an uninformed comment as "crap like this happens". Kobayashi was in the wrong, again, Jenson could have been far more insulting and rightly so.

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Any of you watch the race? Kobayashi was nicked from behind and caught between Nico and Jensen. Those two cars converged on him and he hit both almost simultaneously. If you watch Jensen's replay it looks like Kamui came out of nowhere but if you watch the replay from the front you can clearly see what happened. Kamui might be an aggressive driver but he is no Grosjean

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Sato was also kinda crazy and blew up his engine more often than not - what's up with Japanese F1 drivers!?

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Akemi: Kobayashi has caused a number of accidents and is clearly quite reckless despite the dangers of this sport, so I don't think Button is entirely wrong in being upset. Calling Kobayashi and 'idiot' might be somewhat childish, but the sentiment is not so much, if at all.

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What I find utterly fascinating is how many posters here, when confronted with the incontrovertible video evidence that Kobayashi was indeed hit from behind by another driver (who somehow manages to elude charges of driving too aggressively or being "idiot") respond with a thumbs-down to that point, as if a simple mouse ckick will remake reality into the image that more suits their irrational bias. He got hit from behind. What the hell else was he supposed to do?

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LFRAgain: "He got hit from behind. What the hell else was he supposed to do?"

He got hit from behind while doing what? it's a rhetorical question -- while he was driving recklessly.

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He is a shining example of the current mind-set in Japan. Reckless, and irresponsible.

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They should have traffic cops with formula one patrol cars issuing tickets. That'd put a stop to this kind of nonsense.

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At least Kobayashi (or Koba-crashi as his critics have it) has come out and admitted he was at fault. Incidents like this happen though, and he is a decent driver who I hope can find another team for next year. Seems as if he has been punted from the Sauber team - they are bringing in some heavily-backed Mexican kid. He is Japan's only realistic hope of ever nabbing a win after decades of Japanese in F1.

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It appears that LFRAgain is the only person here who drives a car and who knows anything about Formula 1. Button admitted on camera having to brake late and Kobayashi appeared to be hit from behind just before this car went into Button. Were these points taken into account or did we just go into auto-Japanese car drivers insult mode?

smithinjapan, if an F1 driver (Button) brakes late in racing traffic then he should expect to be shunted into. Maybe you should listen to LFRAgain..

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Kobayashi is just another victim of the immediate witch-hunt going on in F1 now over any crash on the first corner - just because Grosjean has been clumsy doesn't mean everyone else is. There was very little Kamui could do to avoid contact, other than not even attempt to overtake in the first place - perhaps...PERHAPS, a more experienced driver would have held back from the charge altogether, but it's pretty ridiculous to hold that against him. Both Button and Rosberg were 'young drivers with something to prove' once, and I remember plenty of incidents involving both of them.

Kobayashi is fighting to keep his seat for next year, and making up places on the first lap is essential in F1 these. Also, Button said "idiot" over the radio immediately after the crash - perhaps now he's had time to see the video footage he will have changed his outlook on it.

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An awful ot of name calling in this year's F-1 season!

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Well Kobayashi, if you want to play that way, move to NASCAR. They will show you what bump-and-grind racing is really like.

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Button should be thankful for the excuse for being thrashed by Red Bull again after one winning year.

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