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Button survives race to claim Australian Grand Prix


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Kobayashi's crash was awesome - it really was an entertaining GP. Had to watch online as no free-to-air F1 in Japan. Anyone know why? I guess F1 is no longer popular in Japan. Shame that poor old Webber was cursed yet again, could have been his last chance to win at home...

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Where online?

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Jbizzle, give a go - or There are a bunch of other sites too. Not always the most reliable streams, but better than nothing!

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Had to watch online as no free-to-air F1 in Japan.

In the past, the Australian and Japanese GPs were the only ones that were shown live on Japanese TV. My guess is that the later start of the race for the European views has made the Japanese timeslot too difficult to fit in.

That Kobayashi crash was pretty wild. That was the second time over the weekend that the front wing had fallen off for no apparent reason. They really need to fix that because he can't steer without it (as the accident showed).

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Thank you

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The rights to F1 in Japan are held by Fuji TV. For years, the races were shown live on the Fuji satellite channel, so you could watch them live if you had SkyPerfect or it was in your cable package, and then re-broadcast late at night on the regular over-the-air Fuji station. Then last season the races disappeared from the regular satellite channel and were moved to their new Fuji Next pay channel. An extra 2000 yen a month or so I think. So F1 is there but you have to look for it and then pay for it. But don't know how many people want to pay an extra 24000 yen a year or so just to watch F1, I know I don't.

But exiling the races to some pay-tv ghetto is not the brightest way to do business, tennis does the same thing by sticking 3 of the 4 grand slams on Wowow. It's going to cost you a lot of attention and popularity in the long run. I heard a while ago that Japan is the only country that hosts a Grand Prix that does not show all F1 races live on an over-the-air or basic cable channel. Don't know if that is still true, but it was a few years ago.

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