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Canada beats Sweden 3-0 for men's ice hockey gold


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The Price was right ! Good job, team Canada ! Well deserved !

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Canada never even trailed in Sochi while winning its record ninth Olympic hockey gold medal — its first outside North America since 1952 — and joining the women’s team to complete Canada’s second straight Olympic hockey sweep

O' Canada! Congratulation for winning both men and women hockey golds. It is rare for any nation winning consecutively. Canada defense was solid as great wall. However I am not convinced that gold keeper can use the hand for catching a puck. He should be suspended from the game.

That victory is more glorious for Canada becasue it is not in North America soil.

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One helluva game!

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Canada - the only country where they will change the liquor laws for a hockey game!

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Great game to watch!

I was disappointed about how Team U.S.A. basically gave up playing after Canada beat them. They played awfully against Finland and were deservedly shut out.

Canada showed that you can't rule them out. Their defence was fantastic; and even though I wanted Bobby Lu in net, Price was amazing!

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Yes Canada, and in Europe too. Even Sweden kinda gave up after the 3rd goal - they had a power-play afterwards, and ya could notice they didn't up the tempo.

Anyway folks, here's the final standings:

1 Canada

2 Sweden

3 Finland

4 United States

5 Russia

6 Czech Republic

7 Slovenia

8 Latvia

9 Switzerland

10 Austria

11 Slovakia

12 Norway

Individual Awards as selected by the tournament directorate

Best Goalkeeper: Carey Price, Canada

Best Defenceman: Erik Karlsson, Sweden

Best Forward: Phil Kessel, USA

Most Valuable Player as selected by the media

Teemu Selanne, Finland

All-Star Team as selected by the media

Goalkeeper: Henrik Lundqvist, Sweden

Defenceman: Erik Karlsson, Sweden

Defenceman: Drew Doughty, Canada

Forward: Teemu Selanne, Finland

Forward: Phil Kessel, USA

Forward: Mikael Granlund, Finland

Congrats to the top teams and players.

Hopefully next Olympics there'd be more challenge to Canada's hockey dominance (which is more likely if the NHL decides to end its participation).

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@probie Yeah, it was a great game and since the US game, Canada really pulled together. Very happy with the way Canada played in the last 2 games.

Gotta give to injury prone Sweden credit though, they played their heart out and didnt get any breaks. If Luuuu was in net, do you think it would have been a closer game?

PS. Yeah what happened to the US team vs, Finland?

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Canada put on a clinic on using the neutral zone trap. It makes for a boring game IMHO but when it's done correctly and when all the big star egos are put aside and fall in line with's impossible for the opposing team to get any kind of rhythm. Sweden was never really in this game.

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Gotta give to injury prone Sweden credit though, they played their heart out and didnt get any breaks. If Luuuu was in net, do you think it would have been a closer game?

No, I think the score would have been the same. Price did good, but he didn't have to do much more than play positional. Luongo would have been just as good.

PS. Yeah what happened to the US team vs, Finland?

Well, Patrick Kane decided to not turn up from the first game. He was awful. Losing to the Canadians seemed to make the U.S. give up because they didn't have a shot at the gold medal. The U.S. defence was crap too. Orpik, really? Why no Yandle? He would have been so much better.

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There was no trap in that game. It's called aggressive forechecking and discipline. The D dominated and there were always more Canadians out numbering Swedes. It was a clinic.

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Good job Team Canada!!! Guys and Gals! @Jforce: Don't forget the depth that Canada had too... combined with the aggressive forchecking, the Swedes just couldn't take control of the puck

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