Canadian Henderson set for debut in Japanese sumo


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If he just changes the "Eh" to a "Ne" he'll be all right.

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I saw him on tv during the last basho. Was wondering who he was. Will be fun to follow his progress.

Ganbare Homarenishiki!!

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Many sumo purists say foreign wrestlers lack the culture and manners — often described as “hinkaku”, or dignity — to reach the higher ranks.

Unless people ignore so many past scandals, it is hard to say Japanese Sumo is "pure & perfect."

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We have Cumberland Wrestling in England. Just up the road from me. It's basically the same sport. So why no English sumo wrestlers?

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"no fist bumps, high fives... in Japanese sumo"?

Maybe not in televised Grand Sumo, but anyway who would they fist bump in the ring? Go to a university level sumo tourney where teammates are ringside and you will probably see and hear some celebrating by the winning team.

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Best of luck! It'd be fun to see a little more mix. In any car, he's already won in getting here.

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@lucabrasi - There was a wrestler from England in the late 80's. Did not last very long at all. His "shikona", or fighting name was Hidenokuni. The first and last characters meaning "England" I knew him personally and talked to him quite often. His actual name was Nathan Strange.

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Brodik Henderson photo here

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Very nice to see another foreigner in sumo, and this time a north american, we will certainly be cheering for him and wish him the best of luck.

Regarding the old canard that "foreigners lack hingaku", it always amuses me that most Japanese sumo fans who hold this view conveniently forget Futahaguro, probably the most disgraceful Yokozuna ever - and a native Japanese.

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Yeah, thanks, I remember him. Very, very skinny for a sumo wrestler, right?

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Interesting. What is he up to now?

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@lucabrasi , Yep ! He was. That is the case with a lot of youngsters who join sumo. They get bigger as they progress.

@serendipitous, Sorry, I lost contact with him about a year after he left Japan. (1990) He really only stayed in Japan for around six months if I remember correctly.

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Mark Buckton who is sumo expert in Tokyo says Brodi might be gone in a year if he is all hype and no action. See ''Will SMS be the undoing of sumo’s latest foreign ‘star’?'' on March 9th, 2015...4 months ago. NotesL "Sumo has a new superstar. Or at least that is what the individual in question appears to be thinking at the moment!

Brodik Henderson is his name. He is Canadian. And if the hype he is largely generating himself on Facebook is to be believed, he is the next big thing.

He has already made a huge name for himself in amateur circles in the U.S.

However, for the moment at least, those more aware of the demands of professional sumo, on and off the ring, are failing to fall into line with all things “Brodi” – or “Bull” as he has labelled himself online...None of this was helped by his venting of frustrations on Facebook, and sources close to him indicate that homesickness is becoming a major worry.

But this is a man already at the top of the sport. He has earned the right to brag or be miserable online.

Henderson has earned nothing so far.

Hopefully he will learn quickly, and stop believing the hype that has thus far enveloped his presence in sumo. Hopefully he will stop being the source of some of that hype!

If he doesn’t, I’d put money on him gone within a year!'' UNQUOTE, [google for link]

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Many sumo purists say foreign wrestlers lack the culture and manners — often described as “hinkaku”, or dignity — to reach the higher ranks.

What a complete load of BS.

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Well, he managed to squeak out a 4-3 winning record. Hardly seems like the next big thing. Time will tell.

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