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Canadian women beat U.S. 3-2 in OT for ice hockey gold


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Canadian heart.

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I didn't see it, had to work, but I recorded it. That's sports for you. Seems like it was a good game, of course, I wanted the US, to win, but it was not meant to be. Congrats to Canada! They'll always be a next time. I wish more people wouldn't get so riled up sometimes, with all the **** going on in this world and with the politics swirling around an already suspicious Sochi, at least, we should all be able to enjoy the fun competition of sports, without all the outside social and political crap, at least 2 weeks, let everyone have fun.

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It was a nail-biter, no doubt about that. I won't expose my loyalty, though. Be a gracious winner, be a gracious loser. Damn fine hockey game! And think about it - no NHLers!

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Way to go ladies! ...now let's see if the men can do the same.

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and so did I, magnifique!

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clearly the refs wanted Canada to win

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What a comeback!

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Philip-Poulin was phenomenal ! The Canadian ladies have a strangle-hold on Olympic gold ! A four-peat ! I'm an American who cheered for the USA, of course, but this was an awesome game ! Congrats to my friends from Canada, and I can only imagine how you guys feel about the game !

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