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Japan beats Russia in women's curling


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That's very good and let nation enjoy replays for a day !

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Wow, great win! Saw highlights of the extra end and some of the Japanese shots were VERY close to backfiring. That's curling I guess.

At least Canada finally got a win before the tenth end. Sheesh.

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These girls are very good, and Meguro is a much better skip than the one they had in Torino. Beat Germany and a medal is a real possibility.

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That was hair-raising. The Russian skip made the wrong call with her last shot, in my opinion. Even at that, it was a tight come around and it looked like it was going to rub the guard. Great bit of sweeping, ladies!

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I'm not going to miss this today, am I? Didn't see it, but I did see the last part of their game against Britain. Their last throw, I have to admit, was really good - knocked out the Brits and earned Japan an extra 5 points.

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I had not realized curling had interested so many other then the Scottish being first at it, to the Americans.

It is a good thing to be in from a lead up to a skipper & simply ideal for Western Cdn farmers waiting for weather to start their Spring to Autumn chores.

So if Japan out-did Russia then good for them. Though I put in 10+ yrs of curling & can watch the game on TV with interest I am just amazed that others can as well.

Fortunately this is a game for Men, Women, or those retired to also mixed teams & always on artificial ice, not regular ice I learned on to also why I quit due to a schnook & the hours demanded. So often you are to another town or city to compete.

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Good job Popo chans.

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Women curlers are intelligent and sexy. Anna Ohmiya is my favorite.

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Japan, now fourth in the standings, will take on Germany in its second game of the day.

Japan lost to Germany 7-6, no chance for medal.

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The Russians must be pissed, having scored 9 points and still losing.

And the Japanese must be pissed, losing to Germany by 1 point.

Congratulations to the German team!

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The German skip isn't the cutest skip in these Olympics, but she has a nice smile!

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