Captain Tsubasa creator targets real-life soccer glory

By Andrew McKIRDY

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I have never heard of this comic before, but, in the UK, it would be equivalent to Roy of the Rovers' Melchester Rovers rising from non-league.....that would be pretty cool.

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Nankatsu's local government last month announced that it would buy land to build the club a new stadium, which they would need to gain J.League membership.

Please, please, please - no running track!

Takahashi says it could be named "Captain Tsubasa Stadium" and there are plans to include a museum of character memorabilia to attract tourists from all over the world.

And please make it easier for non-Japanese and overseas people to buy tickets.

He thinks Japan can win the World Cup in his lifetime

Japan has won the world cup once already. Does Nankatsu have a women's team?

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Not a soccer fan, but I always watched the episodes of Captain Tsubasa..

Good luck with the team..

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Almost as good as the infamous football comic Billy the Fish!

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