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Carmona's late goal sends Spain to Women's World Cup final with a 2-1 win over Sweden


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Carmona's goal was a great finish. She nailed her kick and it was power and beauty. Paralluelo the super sub.

Unreal 0-0 tie late goes 2-1, in a heart beat. That is football.

Good on Spain. They were labeled as finished after being beaten by Japan, 4-0. The Nadeshiko had near zero possession, yet scored in 90 seconds of a possession with 3 goals. Spain looked like a team that had everything going for them in that game possession wise, but their counter defense was exposed.

At the time, I thought Japan was over rated and Spain under rated and it was a bad game for Spain and they could come back strong. They lost the group to a dominant Japan, yet, here we are Spain in the final.

Next up it's the Aussies vs. England. I think it'll be England, but as shown often, the under dog wins in a very evenly matched World Cup.

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I don't think Japan were overrated. I think the young side got a bit overwhelmed by the weight of the moment and let a thoroughly mid Swedish side disrupt their flow for 70 minutes or so. They were also desperately unlucky in both their concessions (although the first should have been cleared quickly) AND in not getting a late equalizer. Play that match ten times and Japan wins at least 7 or 8 of them.

Sweden's run of improbable luck ran out against Spain. I'm not sure Spain can win against either Australia (especially not if Kerr is able to start) or England. But the Lionesses have yet to look as good as their roster, so who knows?

The future belongs to the young Spanish and Japanese sides, though.

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Game-changers and match-winners are at La Roja. Hats off to Salma Paralluelo and Olga Carmona.

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The agony of defeat!!

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