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Caster Semenya is back; so is her sport's thorniest problem


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This would probably baffle King Solomon!

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No need to make it more than it is.

If you are a hermaphrodite and wanting to be judged in a male or female setting….well there just isn’t any current set up for that.

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Critics of World Athletics say its recent trend of essentially lumping together the transgender and intersex issues is problematic. Coe has often used the phrase “biology trumps identity" as a catch-all defense for restrictions in both, breezing over the nuance.

When you play loose with the science and over-reduce a problem to a single determination to decide things easily this is the risk, obviously inadequate standards and completely valid exceptions that make the whole thing worthless.

When the directive of athletic associations decided (on very shaky grounds) on a cut off level of testosterone to discriminate who can participate or not they made a whole mess, so deep that now nobody wants to actually put the effort to untangle because no matter what is the result everybody will call it inadequate.

Exaggerating a little is like saying that only participants of 1.80 or less would be considered as valid participant of women sports, because women are always shorter.

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I wonder how Semenya's competitors feel about this? Were they consultrd with?

BTW: Caster Semenya has male chromosomes.

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BTW: Caster Semenya has male chromosomes.

And she has a natural vagina

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