Celtic sign Japan forward Furuhashi


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I actually feel sorry for any Japanese person who would have to relocate to Glasgow. The food situation is dire and even if he speaks English he will have one heck of a time trying to decipher. the Glasgae patter.

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@Nippori, that's a little unfair. I used to know the interpreter for Nakamura when he played at Celtic. Gordon Strachan was manager at the time and he has a fairly strong Scottish accent. While interpreting between Nakamura and Strachan, apparently other players (including Scottish ones) would ask the interpreter if he could also explain to them what Strachan was saying.

I'm not sure how true the article below is.

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Ha Ha, very nice Albaleo.

On my occasional visits to Glasgow I have found the people friendly and the accent no problem to understand. However, try order "Pork in London and they'l not have a clue what you want. That happened me once, then a nice local guy intervened, corrected my poor vocab' and explained to the waiter that what I was really trying to say was "poke". The nice waiter said, "Ah, poke, now I understand." If Furuhashi  is as successful as Nakamura we are in for a treat. Come'on the Bhoys.

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