Chelsea beats Stoke 2-0 in Premier League


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Hey guys, i ahve Chelski! A small club bought by a rich guy who do well and suddenly have support from all over the world. Hello, where were these "fans"before!!

Personally i ahve supported Man Utd (Red Dealers) since 2004 since i was introduced to them by my best friend Phillipe in a sports bar in Ohio. Now i have been a long term fan since 03 so i know the pain of success and failure,. This makes teams like Chelsea dn of course Manchester Blue (City) more annoying for real soccerball fans like myself.

We need a ban on foreign buyers and managers so local teams with fans like myself can have success not some guy from Thailand who only discovered Chelsea in 08!!

It's all about money now, how can local clubs like Man Utd succeed in the event when other teams buy the tourny?

Sorry for the rant guys but it makes me angry.

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Genius! Never gets old.

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Don't like Chelsea or City or Arsenal or Everton but as long as Hull and Wigan and their likes lose then I will be happy.

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as long as Hull and Wigan and their likes lose

What on earth does Hull and Wigan "and their likes" mean?

One is a Yorkshire premiership team, the other is a Lancashire championship team. Where's the connexion?

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@lucabrasi. Ciao, com'e stai? The connection is a spliff. In other words I'm jealous. I like an orderly world and in my world Wigan and Hull are rugby league towns not football. I like rugby league and I like football but I don't like them to mix. Hope that clears things up. I don't mean to be disrespectful to the teams, they can't help where they are from. I hope you have a great day tomorrow... Buon Natale and Hala Madrid! I know they are not Italian but....aiuto mi!

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I see. You have a point regarding rugby.

And thanks for all the Italian. Even though I'm from North Lancs!

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