Chelsea, Man City held as Arsenal wins


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Very poor report as ever. No mention of Warnock being sacked, i guess he is not enough of a celeb or manager of a title chasing club.

Very pleased with Palace performance, looks like MIllen has support of the players. Owners seem to favour bringing in Pardew. Still a lot to play for this season, it's not all about Chelski, manchester Blues or OMG's beloved Red Dealers.

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Fabregas was tripped, there was contact, Mourinho in post match interview summed it up perfectly there is a conspiracy, a campaign against the blues, take it to the European Court of Justice, along with the AP journalist you must have been seated in the car park, Stevie Wonder could have given a more concise write up than this outrage.

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Southampton can still win it......

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Jeez I would have loved it if they beat Chelski.

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Mid season, all bets are off, it going to be a bitterly cold English winter all the foreign hordes playing in the premiership are going to suffer in there designer woollies. The ground frosts turn the parks to concrete, last season Saurez could bearly sink his teeth into the opposition strikers, now he is roasting on the bench polishing Messi and Neymar boots.

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Mourinho is always whining about refereeeing decisions. The theory that refs have it in for Chelsea is just ridiculous. His hubris earlier in the season is now coming back to haunt him in spades. would be great if Southampton could do it. Man U would be nice, if only because Van Gaal is just such a caraciture of the weird dutch manager.

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beloved Red Dealers

Seriously, did you make this up yourself? You should be doing stand-up and getting paid instead of giving gems like this away for free. Most supporters I know are bothered about high ticket prices, something I've never heard you complaining about. You're more bothered that people abroad might be watching games or that Neil Warnock being sacked isn't world news. The degree to which you feel the need to proclaim to be a real supporter.. sets off my BS detector.

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'mid season, all bets are off'

Which ones? City or Chelsea will win the title. The weather is irrelevant. Money is relevant.

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@ Itsonlyrock..."Saurez could bearly sink his teeth into the opposition strikers, now he is roasting on the bench polishing Messi and Neymar boots." He's started every match I've seen Barcelona play since his return against Real.

Now, let's find out what's going to happen in January. I heard a rumour that Bale will go to United. I hope not... and why would he leave Real especially when he and his team are doing well.

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@roosterman77 fair enough since the ban Suarez had started and did score his first against Cordoba after some 550 odd minutes of prolonged absence on the score sheet . Bale is a interesting prospect for Man U, it will cost some €170m including personal terms, but after the trip to Spurs which drew a blank, Van Gaal put it all down to fatigue anything id possible. The red top tabloids have the Glazers offering between £70 to £100m. La liga is a enigma where transfers are concerned, Bale is popular with the Spanish media and the fans, off the field he sells those shirts.

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'Of course like most people i am concrened about high ticket prices for the poor and working class.'

My sister is taking her 2 kids to Anfield tonight. Not much change out of £100 all-in. She and her husband both have decent jobs. It's not just the poor and low-paid who are struggling with these prices.

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I said poor and working class not poor and low paid, there is a difference in what i mean. It has become a game for the middle classes and sadly for some of the big fancy clubs a tourist attraction which helps drive prices up more and create ever further sterile atmospheres. Before i lived premanantly in Japan i used to go to most Palace matches wiith my missus. last we went to were in 2001 which cost about 60 Quid inc a programme each and some crap over priced grub. First match i went to was in 1972, 15 pence for under 16 and OAP's and 30 for adults. You got to remember you are talking about England, it's all dog eat dog now and i can't see that changing soon.

Germany does it all much better, their prices are far fairer and they remain competitive in Europe, The amount brought in by season tickets and through turnstiles is piddling compared to the merchandise sales and TV rights for the Premier league teams anyway.

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Hi Jimizo, can't call it, Chelsea don't have the consistency, Drogba should have made better use of opportunities. Man C don't seem to have been over affected from the FFP rules.

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