Chelsea's title bid on hold; Everton overpower United


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Van Gaal is proving to be average at best. and some of his stetments post match were bizarre.

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Had United won on Merseyside, they would have climbed into second place.

Right. But they got pumped 3-0. City 2nd, United 4th. The natural order of things is restored.

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I'm not sure if 'overpower' is the right word. Man U had most of the possession but lacked the quality to do anything with it. If they had an Aguero up front rather than the past-it Rooney or the useless Falcao they could have got something. That £60,000,000 on Di Maria looks worse than Torres to Chelsea or Carroll to Liverpool.

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Don't worry all you Manure fans, plenty of dough available to try and get some glory next season. I'm in Manchester tomorrow, nearer to Old Trafford than 90% of Utd fans will ever be, ROFL!

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FFS. Why does Man Utd have money? Years of great teams, a great youth system and infrastructure. It's not like they suddenly had money pumped into them. That's why teams like United, Liverpool and Arsenal have a huge fan base world wide. Why would anyone support Palace? Unless they are from South London or just some random phenomenon that can't be explained. I always ask my son why he likes Palace but he can't answer. Fair enough but just as fair why foreigners support the big teams. Although I am a bit suspicious of people (adults not kids) who support Chelsea or City. Did they support them in the dark days or is it a more recent thing? Am I a hypocrite? Probably.

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Not really true what you say, Much of it is due to fan base and potential fan base. You have not seen how much owners have pumped into those teams? Why would anyone like me support Palace. Well it is normal to support your local team (born a mile from the ground), rather than a team hundreds or thousands of miles away just because they often win things and it gives bragging rights. Personally it is ok with me if Palace never win any title, would be nice but not going to change how i feel about them. Didn't see me in tears and calling for Warnock's head when it looked like we were doomed this season.

It's like me a Londoner supporting Barcelona or something, would be a ridiculous things to do, and half those glory hunters change teams when the going gets tough. Where are all the worldwide Toon and Blackburn fans now? ROFL!

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FFS. Sorry, I know you support Palace. I didn't mean to say "Why would ANYONE support Palace?" I meant "Why would anyone support Palace who is not from south London or nearby?" It's unfortunate but we foreigners tend to support successful teams or what we perceive to be success. I know owners pump money into the big teams and they know that they will make a profit due to their teams fan base. I think I have posted before that I support United. It's not really true. I like United and Liverpool due to being brought up watching their great teams from afar. I was just sticking up for them. I don't really follow anyone in the EPL but I like to see Spurs do well because my grandfather is from that area and that's who my relos support but if they loose I don't get upset. I agree with what you say about Newcastle and Blackburn fans but that's the way it is. I follow rugby league in Australia. I supported my local team until they were forced to merge. I think when many say they support a team it's not with the same passion as someone who watches them week in week out or is a local.

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