Chicago, Madrid, Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro unveil Olympic plans


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Sounds like a great year for Chicago. And Obama will be backing their bid.

Maybe Aso can lend Ishihara a hand. Ha!Ha!Ha!

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haha nice one Statiscian

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Maybe Tokyo's win.

The most secure. Urban functions best, free from financial crisis.

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i'm pretty sure tokyo will win :)

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All things being equal, Rio should win. All things are not equal however. Rio would be a stunning setting. (Imagine how many times you would get to see that famous aerial shot from behind Corcovado looking toward Sugarloaf.) But Rio is problematic. Above all else, the pervasive crime and poverty would be tough to overcome. Every argument for Rio, no matter how convincing, has to be followed by a fatal "but..."

The U.S. and Spain have had the games too recently to be considered.

Whatever arguments there are against Tokyo, I have to believe they are less compelling. The timing is right, the city has few problems that would bother the IOC, the local populace is nuts for the Olympics, the money will be there.

Yokoso Olympics!

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the local populace is nuts for the Olympics,

Where did you get that idea?

Except for Ishihara, the Tokyo governor, and his sycophants and cronies; no-one wants the disruption that will happen and costs that will occur and have to be paid long after the last foreigner has left the stadium...

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Go Chicago!!!

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I just wonder, why is everyone so much against Ishihara!! He's NOT against foreigners. He's against foreigners who misbehave!! And too bad there are too many here of that last category. Seems everyone complaining about him fits the shoe. He's honest. He speaks out what others only think. Nothing to do with racism!! That's what YOU only love to make of it.

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Tokyo wont get it because Beijing just got it in 2008. Financially Tokyo would be good candidate of course, but that's not the only consideration.

Rio would stand the better chance, but they have a lot of convincing to do regarding security and poverty issues.

They can't just do like was done in Beijing and relocate all the slums and replace them with modern high rises. Brazil's economy doesnt have that kind of strength.

oh yeah, ishihara actually worsens tokyo's chances.

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