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Chiefs, 49ers advance to Super Bowl showdown

By Rob Woollard

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Go Chefs!

(misspelling intentional)

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Go Chiefs! Fifty years is long enough.

Just imagine what they're saying in Cleveland.

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49er's for the win.

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SF 49errs dominated the trenches on both sides - pressuring Packers QB Rodgers, while Niners blockers were holding blocks 10 yards downfield, before Packers defenders could even touch the Niners RBs. Smashed the mouths of the Packers so much, that 49ers QB Jimmy G threw only 8 passes and even went 94 minutes of real time without attempting a pass (didn't even have to ice the shoulders after the game, lol)

KC Chiefs once again fell behind and spotted their opponent double-digits, but QB Mahomes could throw the ball any which way including on the run (he's also the team's leading rusher in the game)

So 2 different types of teams at the Super Bowl - smash-mouth football, a complete team vs. wide-open pass attack with a complete QB who run and pass in every situation

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High-powered matchup for the Super Bowl. The 49ers' front four better get constant pressure on Mahomes or he will surely light them up. I still think Chiefs 31, 49ers 27.

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Go Chiefs! Fifty years is long enough.

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Two disappointing games with the favourites ruthlessly doing what they do best.

From the numbers, the Titans didn't play badly, but KC stuffed up Henry and forced 3rd downs and then a couple of punts. That was enough to get the ball back to Mahomes and for more points to pile up.

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