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Chiefs top Bengals 23-20 on last-second kick to reach Super Bowl


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Philadelphia Eagles will be winner since 2017!Go EAGLES

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I beg to differ, Ji.

But I will grant you that it is a pretty even matchup.

I can confidently make one prediction: A Kelce will win another Super Bowl Ring (and the right to talk smack at all family dinners from here on out).

Bonus Prediction: Both Kelces are going to the HOF. (About as risky a bit as predicting the sun will rise in the East.)

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Philadelphia Eagles will be winner since 2017!Go EAGLES

I'm a Cowboys fan (yeah, I know) but if it were the Bengals vs Eagles I'd go Bengals.

But it's the chiefs, so I hope the Eagles fly past them.

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The city's mayor and some Bengals players talked trash before the game but they lost so the Chiefs talked trash after the game. Humble pie is Cincinnati's new dessert and deservingly so.

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Lots of controversy in that KC game.

That's a tough loss to take for the Bengals.

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That was a bonehead push at the end of the game

Besides the Super Bowl being a Kelce Bowl (the first time brothers are playing against each other in the SB), it's also an Andy Reid Bowl (just the 2nd time a coach will face a former team he led to the SB)

The Chiefs and Eagles are tied in #1 scoring points for the season, but the Eagles also have the #1 passing defense. The 4 previous times the #1 scoring vs. #1 passing defense met in the SB, the #1 passing defense won each time

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The 49ers front office could of got any backup quarterback, but choose a scrub as backup,bet they will have third quarterback on the roster next year

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I played the game when I was young and haven't missed a Super Bowl since before they were called that. Marks my age, doesn't it??

This one will be worthy of making my list of the best. Watch and learn, armchair QBs. Call the plays before they happen. That's what it takes to be a real lover of the game.

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Jerry Jones still looking for the great hope,when someone else should be doing that job,maybe Stephen should wrangle control of the team from dad,and take away the keys

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