China's 2022 Olympics a chance to press Beijing on human rights: Trudeau


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Not sure what Trudeau is on about. There is no need for any pressure.

Just CANCEL the Genocide Games 2022. Outright.

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Canada's parliament passed a nonbinding motion in February saying China's treatment of the Uyghurs in the Xinjiang region constitutes genocide.

The awful truth here is that Canada has rightly and officially declared China a genocidal state, yet is still intent on sending an olympic delegation. ALL nations and ALL athletes who have any sense of ethics and morality will boycott. Anyone who goes is a genocide collaborator.

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If Canada's approach to lockdowns and persecution of anyone who protests them is any indication, Trudeau is simply a middle manager at the Canadian branch of CCP Inc. No need to pay attention to anything he says about China or human rights.

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Beijing's hosting of the 2022 Winter Olympics offers concerned nations the chance to press China on its human rights record,

Just replace "2022" with "2008" and you have a rerun of the exact same quote from 14 - 20 years ago. The problem was that no country seriously put any pressure on China and China kept none of the promises they made prior to and after they were awarded the Games.

Good on Trudeau for pushing for a united front to follow though on this though.

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I love how angry Trudeau makes the right. Particularly since he's been quite popular through most of his nearly six years in office, even with a few scandals.

It's weird watching Americans try to criticize him for America's shame (blackface) as if Canadians should be responsible for American racial history somehow. But, they are typically American and think the world revolves around them and their customs.

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If Canada's approach to lockdowns and persecution of anyone who protests them is any indication, Trudeau is simply a middle manager at the Canadian branch of CCP Inc.

Then why has his government remained so popular throughout the pandemic?

Hint: it's because you're evaluating him based on American standards.

How America doing in comparison to Canada these days?

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So says a leader of a country since its founding has committed genocide against her own indigenous peoples.

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I guess most have missed yesterday’s speech by Bach fully defending China and dismissing any talk of a boycott “ as a crime against the spirit” of the Games. We all know now here in Japan that Mr Bach keeps the spirit of the Games safely tucked away in his hip pocket wallet. He did all that without mentioning the Beijing Olympics. The speech also shows he gathers the Tokyo Games are a wrap.

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World Cup can happen but pressuring only on Olympics?

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Why is it that all these western political leaders who rail on about China are so eager to take donations from corporations profiting off of China's lower labour costs and environmental standards? Some of these corporations will be Olympic sponsors for the corporate games. So why don't we hear Trudeau and his neoliberal crowd condemn them as well as the Chinese authorities?

They always play this duplicitous and cynical game, appearing progressive on social and political issues while supporting laws and policies that help further enrich the transnational companies and investors that control our lives.

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I'll never vote conservative and I'm not a fan of Trudeau. Spends more on CERB but won't spend 80B on UBI. Won't stand up to China with the two Michaels in prision. Won't stand up to China and ban Huawei for two years prior which lead to the ongoing crisis with that case too. Parliament takes a stand against China but not Trudeau. Gets elected to transition the country green, buys pipelines and makes Canada the worst polluter in the G7.

Just cannot do anything right. He's not making a decision here either

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Don't see Canada threatening foreign press agencies and other nations when they report on them though. Not that it makes Canada's past actions right but there is a key difference here.

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It's a Parliament though, if someone else in the party could instigate a party revolt to nudge him aside, like Freeland or Garneau it would keep the government the same but actually give it a spine. Russia would freak out if Chrystia Freeland (currenlty the deputy PM) became PM outright, given her background of being a thorn in their side when she was a journalist in Ukraine. That's good to have. Don't think she'd waffle on China.

We have people who can lead but not the current leader. Putting the supply teacher Trudeau in charge turns out to be really dumb on the world stage. He would have been fine as another minister. With zero experience even as foreign minister would have been a stretch. So they made him PM!?! It's so dumb. It's just so much nothing. Yes better than Harper, but so would a table lamp. Six years of a table lamp.

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Trudeau has the moral high ground to go after China. After all, he finally acknowledged systemic cultural genocide of Canada's native people.

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Well, that is one option. OR, we could just show the Chinese that they are #1 (with a certain finger) and not go thus denying them the international recognition that their authoritarian dictatorship (The CCP gave up on communism a long time ago. I mean they are evil, but they are not stupid.) craves.

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"How America doing in comparison to Canada these days?"

The American dollar is much stronger than the Canadian Looney, but that is all that can be said, and that is not saying much. Human rights-wise, America ranks in the basement...

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My family was Liberal only always voted liberal.

But the joke of Trudeau has become to much even for such a strong Liberal as my father.

He is not PET never will be, he spends 90% of the time running around making apologies for anything and everything.

How Canada is still functioning is a miracle as it does nothing but spend time on some sort of commitment looking into what group now needs to be apologised to.

If you read CBC you would get the impression that Canada must be one of the worst places to live.

Bad for women, bad for Blacks, bad for Asians, first Nations, immigrants, etc ..all needing some form of apology and reparations, etc...

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There is no genocide or anything remotely like it. Just pure anti-China propaganda due to its strong economy.

Can't compete? Make up BS claims to try to limit their economic success.

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To several obviously Canadian posters I’m willing to bet 99 percent of JT readers have no idea what you are talking about when you write CERB, 80B, UBI or PET.

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