Peng, a 35-year-old Wimbledon and French Open doubles champion, was not seen for more than two weeks following her allegations that former vice-premier Zhang Gaoli, now in his 70s, forced her into sex during a years-long on-off relationship Photo: AFP/File

China says Peng Shuai case is 'maliciously' hyped up

By Ludovic EHRET

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China should not Maliciously hide the truth.

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Obviously something fishy going on and Herr Bach is just a lying clown, his statements make the situation seem worse for Ms Peng.

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"The IOC appears to prize its relationship with a major human rights violator over the rights and safety of Olympic athletes."

I like how everyone is suddenly critical of Bach, when SO many in Japan were not (some were, yes) during Tokyo 2020 (2021). Bach hasn't changed one bit. He's the same money-grubbing opportunist he always was. Politicians and think-tanks who were quiet while Bach put our lives at risk insisting the Games be held during a pandemic, and parading around on our tax money while we were supposedly under SOE and no one could get into Japan (besides him and athletes) have absolutely no leg to stand on if suddenly questioning him now.

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Let's hear the truth from her when she is not being told what to say by off-camera CCP officials. Good to see the WTA isn't going to let China off the hook with this.

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What a scary country.

I hope Peng Shuai's OK.

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If she says everything is OK, it must be so!

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Was Zhang Gaoli arrested and questioned? Was an investigation performed? Share THAT will the people, don't just try to hide the facts and say nothing happened.

If Peng Shuai didn't file charges and there wasn't any evidence, then I understand completely. Those are facts too - share them. Don't just scrub the media.

Did any other people (wouldn't want to limit sexual crimes to just women) come forward with claims about Zhang Gaoli's behavior? Is there a pattern of abuse?

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China on Tuesday said the controversy surrounding Peng Shuai was being "maliciously" hyped up.

China would be correct!

Fading, never quite making the grade tennis player has affair with high ranking official to try to gain some advantage...

Doesn't work out so she "goes public" to try to gain some advantage...

Just retire....

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Nothing should had happened to her in the first place!

The moment something happened to her, China automatically politicized it themselves because it was ordered by a high-ranking politician

Then China tried to make all these excuses, took over her social media, scrubbed her name from the official transcripts from the very press conference they talked about her, etc.

China themselves are making the hype worse

Imagine if the Japanese government did all these to a Japanese player who accused a high-ranking Japanese politician - do ya think people should just shut up? No, of course not - people would be all over the Japanese government. And so should China's government

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Michael MachidaNov. 24  08:14 am JST

China should not Maliciously hide the truth.

The CCP is always trying to keep everything out of sight but the more they try, the more obvious the world can see the doo-doo on the CCP's faces.

"I think some people should stop deliberately and maliciously hyping up, let alone politicize this issue," said foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian in response to a question on whether the case affected China's international image.

It already is affecting China's international image. It's not looking good for them at all.

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Mr Kipling

You stand corrected. Winning 22 doubles titles (including 2 grand slams) and being ranked the No. 1 doubles player in the world isn't quite 'never making the grade'. Would you agree?

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