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Chinese swimmers failed doping tests ahead of Tokyo Olympics: New York Times


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Lets be honest : most of us suspected the Chinese athletes were doped to the eyeballs in Tokyo. Now, it has been confirmed.

I'd love to see the Chinese banned from the Olympics along with the Russian team. Dishonest and cheating people.

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The only organisation more corrupt than the Chinese Olympic team is WADA - the (supposed) "world doping agency". Every single member is crooked, and paid off to allow cheating to occur.

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If it was an accident as they said, then then it had to be a one-off.

Any irregularities this time around, and such athletes should naturally all be banned from Paris.

The world does not need to create 'pariah' nations.

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If it was an accident as they said, then then it had to be a one-off.

It is completely beyond belief that at least 23 Chinese athletes could have "accidentally" taken a drug designed to treat heart issues. As for it being a "one off"? The shameful history of Chinese state doping clearly shows that is incorrect.

Trimetazidine (TMZ) is a drug that helps the heart use energy more efficiently. It is used in some countries as a treatment for heart disease. Because it may also improve exercise tolerance, trimetazidine is recognized as a doping agent. (From Poison.org)

That this has all been covered up for 3 whole years says it all.

Ban China.

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There are cans of diet soda that are more “natural” than some Chinese Olympic athletes. Yeah, they cheat…

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I'm sure the conversation went something like this:

WADA & IOC: Looks like some of your swimmers are doping. We're going to have to ban them from the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

China: Our own investigation found it was an accident. Oh, by the way, I don't think we'll be able to host the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Good luck finding a new city.

WADA & IOC: Your investigation seems pretty thorough. We'll accept it. Tell your swimmers to get ready for Tokyo.

China: Good call.

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Nothing against Chinese(people), but I always suspected they have done it since 2008.

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All some people care about, is the medal tally and the bragging rights.

The Chinese and other sporting bodies understand this and it is why they don't care and continue with their programs.

Who really notices if the athlete is stripped of the medal 6/12 months later? It's already yesterday's news.

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Mitsuo MatsuyamaToday  01:05 pm JST

Nothing against Chinese(people), but I always suspected they have done it since 2008.

And when you saw an American gymnast and American tennis players, did you ever suspect anything? Evidently, nothing. Oh, you're my lyalya :) And the Norwegian biathletes? They are all asthmatics on hormones (or other bronchodilatators). Didn't you suspect anything either? All athletes of big sports take "doping", including American ones. Only for some it is called doping without quotation marks, and for others it is an authorized drug in connection with a disease. Who are you taking for fools here? Themselves

-4 ( +1 / -5 )

Kuku, come come, hands up now, a masterclass in whataboutery..

Top flight competition, doping offers the temptations, rewards of huge personal advantages.

Fame and fortune.

In the hands of clandestine states, China, Russia, doping offers a level of global/domestic unfathomable propaganda, all proven on an industrial scale.

2 ( +3 / -1 )


And what did you want to say?

If you didn't understand, then I wanted to say that everyone takes doping or drugs that enhance all kinds of physiological capabilities. everyone accepts or takes. What did you want to say? Keywords?

-4 ( +1 / -5 )

No no Kuku just a friendly suggestion, it is the difference between individual ambitions, the need to dope to cheat to stand on the podium, in comparison to state sponsored doping.

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Lets be straight forward, the Olympics... run faster, jump higher has become every gross political financial obscenity imaginable.

The pandemic blew the cover of any façade of IOC Mission


Can you even imagine the end cost of this crazy pretence of a sports festival drained the J people taxpayer.?

Only a single permanent venue, and a genuine return to basics will save this poo show.

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I don't think there's anything wrong with China, which fakes its age and gender to participate in the Olympics, and uses drugs. I'll do anything for money.

The same is true in Korea, but in their culture, people don't feel shame for using drugs, but rather feel shamed when they are found out.

Russia is also far from sportsmanship.

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But it was determined by Chinese anti-doping authorities that they ingested the substance unwittingly from tainted food and no action against them was warranted.


The athletes included nearly half of the swimming team


History of doping cheating and almost half of the team caught on drugs.

They should have been band from the games.

If it had been russia, they would have been band stright away.

So why did the Chinese swimmers get away with it ?


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No no Kuku just a friendly suggestion, it is the difference between individual ambitions, the need to dope to cheat to stand on the podium, in comparison to state sponsored doping.

Sorry, I'm at work. Got distracted a bit. Lost in Translation:)

U think it's a friendly suggestion? Admit it, it's a sarcasm:)

State sponsored doping. It's an imposed stamp that you couldn't avoid. A comfortable stamp, I must say. A long conversation...

With your stamps and agreements with the Chinese, you can stay alone at your Olympic Games

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Do some Chinese athletes take performance enhancing drugs? Of course, as do some Japanese, US, Russian UK and Jamaican. The benefits of using drugs and the ease of avoiding detection by micro dosing and using the three strikes whereabouts rule for out of competition, far outweigh the risk of being caught.

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23 swimmers though? Half the team?

Either they booked really incompetent cooks, or they're cooking the books

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If the Chinese were doping their athletes in the same way that the Russian's doped their athletes, China should be banned the same as Russia is.

The Olympics are a time for world countries to get together in friendly challenge as a means of bringing us all together. Countries that decide it's an opportunity to cheat the world, aren't welcome, and must be banned to prevent the tainting of the spirit of the games.

Russia is clearly a country of losers, so they needed to dope their athletes. So they are no longer welcome at the Olympics. No losers who can't handle losing thanks.

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Kuku, no need to apologize.

It is the cost to the tax payers.

Can you remember a time, really when the Olympics games, genuinely a amateur celebration of human athletic prowess?

That is before the cold war stole the whole ethos, only to be hijacked by a commercial horror show.

Branding and pollical propaganda.

It was honestly a friendly suggestion, with a slight hint of sarcasm

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